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Anthony Max Denena

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  • Hazards to Avoid to Prevent a Texas Motorcycle Wreck

    4-wheeled vehicles have more stability generally than 2-wheeled vehicles. Minor imperfections in the roads or in driving conditions that you never noticed behind the wheel of a car can cause serious, even fatal, motorcycle crashes. And, of course, the majorroad hazards(like hitti...

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  • Auto Defects Cause Many Accidents

    People hear about many different causes of car accidents on the news, in police reports, or even at the office water cooler. Speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving, and bad weather are all given as common causes of these wrecks. However, while these factors can cause many s...

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  • Driver Fatigue Causes Many Truck Wrecks

    Many dangerous truck accidents occur each year in the Houston, TX area. Around 12% of all accident-related deaths are caused by 18-wheeler wrecks, and our state continually is near the top in truck accident deaths each year in the US. Houston truck accidents can be caused by nu...

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