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Achmed Mirari Defreitas

About Achmed Defreitas

About me

Designated by Houstonia Magazine as one of the Top Lawyers 2013

Selected Top 100 Trial Lawyers 2014 - The National Trial Lawyers

10 Best Client Satisfaction Award 2014 - AIDUIA


I began my career as an Assistant District Attorney, prosecuting cases right here in Harris County, Texas.  This allowed me to not only get familiar with criminal cases, but to develop and practice my trial skills.  Since working at the DA's office, I have handled both simple and complex matters in business/commercial, personal injury, construction, and employment law.  I have handled at bare minimum, over 500 criminal and civil litigation cases in my career.  


DUI/DWI Defense: It is especially important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible after you have been charged with a DUI/DWI in the State of Texas. There may be a 15 day deadline in effect regarding your ability to challenge the suspension of your drivers license. If your case qualifies for a Pre-trial Diversion you may have only sixty days to make the decision to plea to it and will need an attorney to take such a plea bargain. The HGN or eye test that was given to you, does not establish that you were intoxicated. The breath test result, if you took one, may not be accurate. The State of Texas utilizes the Intoxilyzer 5000, which uses infra-red technology not to measure your blood, but instead the presence of particles in your breath.  However, certain other particles, such as acetone, can possibly can throw off this result. If you were instead administered the portable breath test at the scene, that result is most likely inadmissible. The blood test, may have required a warrant pursuant to the United States Supreme Court decision in Missouri vs. McNeely. Without said warrant the blood test may be inadmissible.  There are numerous other issues and potential defenses that could be in play as well. Contact Mr. Defreitas, so he can assist you in obtaining resolution of this matter. 


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