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Cynthia Russell Henley

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  • Highly Recommended and Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Wendy

    With Cynthia as my lawyer, I was able to get "no bill" for my case. She is professional, understanding, and very knowledgeable of the law. She listened to my case entirely during the free consultation and after I hired her, she immediately set an appointment to discuss the next thing to do. With her expertise in law, the truth prevailed and the grand jury dismissed the case as "no bill". I was charged with aggravated assault with deadly weapon. I defended myself against a dangerous person but ended up being the one with a case against me. Using an unbiased approach, Cynthia presented the facts and the grand jury saw that it was a case of self-defense. The duration of this case was 3 months. After the facts were presented, the prosecutor realized that he was defending a mentally ill person. After many attempts to contact his client to verify the truth, the prosecutor also realized that it was indeed a case of self-defense. From the first meeting, I could already tell that Cynthia is a down to earth person who is passionate about helping others. I am lucky to have come across her on this AVVO website and hope that this positive review will also help others in finding her.

  • Save my Life.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by William.

    I had a theft case, that was originally charged as a felony. Of course I was concerned that I might be in a situation I could not afford or be put in jail. I contacted Cynthia, and she of all lawyers was extremely honest, and realistic with me from the gecko. The prosecutors kept changing dates on the case, and she kept working hard to lower the punishment on my case. Well going back and forth for about 4 months she was able to get them to resolve on a misdemeanor instead of a felony. Now I am trying to work on getting it sealed from record!! Thanks again Cynthia that case changed my life in a better direction.

  • Top Notch Lawyer!! Definitely recommended!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anthony

    Cynthia did a superb job of representing me to a jury and made sure the truth got out there about my case. She gathered all the evidence and provided an excellent service and in the end I was found not guilty. You better believe I have her number saved just in case. I would highly recommend her to anybody seeking legal advice and services.

    Cynthia Russell Henley’s response: “In this case the client was charged assault involving family violence. The State played games and on the day of trial, showed me photos of the complainant with blood on her lip, a cut under her nose and an abrasion on her nose, claiming the photos has been in the file. NOT true. Regardless of their sneaky way of prosecuting, we turned the first responding and "investigating" cop every which way but loose and made the State's "expert" ours on the abuse that the complainant heaped on my client over a long period of time. After the "not guilty" verdict, the chief prosecutor claimed that he would have allowed the client to take a course and then would have dismissed the case. That is another governmental LIE. If they would have done it, then they would have offered it before I killed them in trial. (Moreover, the prosecutor handling the case just at the first trial setting told the complainant she was going to kick my "ar$se." Uh, I don't think so.) I'm glad we were able to get the RIGHT verdict - the not guilty verdict - for this client.”

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michelle

    Cynthia was an amazing, diligent, knowledgeable; I was lucky and grateful to have her represent me. She never gave up and she pressured the DA to dismiss my Felony Theft charge from a previous employer. I have never been in trouble with the law so you can imagine how scared and clueless I was regarding all of this but Cynthia reassured me and always was honest about the case and where it stood at all times. I will recommend her to anyone and everyone; she saved my career and life! Thank you Cynthia and I will always be forever grateful for all your hard work and dedication.

  • Excellent Representation - Restraining Order Dismissed

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steven

    My Ex lied and had a restraining order placed against me. There is no way I could have represented myself and I think you need an attorney like Cynthia in your corner when you are being falsly accused. Other than doing an excellent job fighting for you in the courtroom... Cythia is a down to earth person who is easy to talk with and won't make you feel uncomfortable about an already tough situation. If you need a lawyer to defend you I highly recommend Cynthia.

  • High integrity individual and attorney - very pleased

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Our teenage son made a mistake by entering a neighbor's home with some other kids while the owners were out of town. The owner's children grew up with ours so the kids did not realize the significance of their poor choice. They had spent the night at the neighbor's home many times before.

    The neighbors were very upset upon return (as they should have been). They called the Police and had my son arrested.

    Even though what the kids did was wrong, it was not "breaking and entering". The family was upset and wanted all the kids in jail. A very difficult situation to say the least.

    We engaged Cynthia for help. She was thorough, understanding and well prepared at all times. She asked hard questions to uncover the truth and never compromised on her integrity.

    When the court date finally came around, Cynthia negotiated with the prosecutor that a criminal record for our son was the wrong thing to do. She stood up for our son and would not budge. While the other kids involved were cutting deals with their attorney, Cynthia stood firm in what she believed was right. She would not allow a fine young man to suffer for a poor choice he made.

    Our son was given community service with no conviction on his record. The final outcome of a very difficult situation was a success.

    I highly recommend Cynthia to family and friends.

    Cynthia Russell Henley’s response: “In addition to being a lawyer, I am a mother so I am often conflicted about the "right" thing, though my "job" is always first. It was no issue in this situation. It is such a plus to have a family that not only supports their son, but also recognizes the need to respond to their child's "misbehavior". Too many times in today's society, parents blame everyone else when their child makes an unwise decision - and this does NOT sit well with prosecutors (which is understandable.) I love families like this - this young man was truly an outstanding person and will be such a benefit to our community in the years to come. I foresee all of us benefiting from his life. He made a choice that was not the best and when his parents found out, they laid down the law before the real law became involved. They are to thank for the outcome as they showed the prosecutor that their child's misbehavior would be dealt with properly at home. The "law" too often intervenes - at least when good families are involved. (This young man wrote a letter of apology without the prompting of his parents or me that would bring a tear to your eye for his genuine embarrassment for his misdeeds.) There was ZERO need for the State of Texas to bother wasting time or resources on this young man and this truly exceptional family. It was not difficult to stand firm for this young man, and for his family. It was absolutely the right thing to do, and there will be NO regrets on the part of anyone - ever. Thank you.”
  • Charged with "Assualt on Family Member"

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shawn

    I would highly recommend Cynthia for anyone seeking a criminal lawyer, especially in a domestic violence case. I was charged with “assault on a family member” and Cynthia got the charge DISMISSED!! thank god!!. This was a very difficult ordeal for me, considering i am in the professional workforce and this type of charge on my record would have been detrimental to my career.

    Cynthia was the second lawyer i hired for this case, and she was very diligent to know all aspects of the event and took endless notes to prepare for the event we would go to trial, considering i wanted nothing more than “not guilty” or a dismissal.

    Luckily we didn't go to trial, the DA dismissed the case, and the reason my case was dismissed had to do with the way cynthia would fight for me in her conversations with the DA. She would consistently challenge all charges brought against me, and the DA finally decided the case was not worth pursuing and moved for a dismissal. Awesome job!!

    To anyone considering Cynthia, all i have to say is this woman will fight for you, she does not like to lose.

    Thank you Cynthia, you brought peace and sanity back in my life. i am in debt to you.

    Cynthia Russell Henley’s response: “Shawn was a great client to work with. He shared everything about the situation with me and gave me great insight regarding the complainant and other witnesses. As he says, I took "endless notes" as I always do because it helps me be the best lawyer I can be for my client - and Shawn not only tolerated the required time input but helped with his comments and observations. This man was truly innocent, and frankly a victim himself of the complainant. Once again, it made me happy to be able to do what I love - helping people who do not deserve what is being meted out to them. Thanks, Shawn, for trusting me with your freedom and your life.”
  • very helpful, excellent representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by gary

    Ms.Henley is an experienced(23 years) and professional lawyer. she knows the system very well. so she can give you outcomes as your reference before go to the court. She really takes care of her clients, like me a foreigner, my English is not that good, she spent a lot of time communicating with me via email. From my case, I feel Ms.Henley really want to get you out of trouble, not just take advantage of your disaster. Ms.Henley charges you at a reasonable rate, she is not a greedy lawyer. before I went to her, a lawyer even want to charge me almost triple price that Ms.Henley asked. I think the reason is, Ms.Henley loves her profession, she enjoys helping people out of trouble. she works at home, saves a lot of money for renting a office. all in all, it is not easy to find a lawyer with best service and good price. I am very thankful to Ms.Henley, finally, my wife got out of trouble within 10 days. She really helps a desperate 'single father' who have to work, study, and take care of a one and a half year old baby. I highly recommended Ms.Henley!

    Cynthia Russell Henley’s response: “I appreciated the opportunity to help this gentleman and his wife. Sadly too often lawyers do not take the time to understand the pain and suffering that clients and their family's suffer. I had the chance to talk with this man about the situation, and he shared his pain of why his wife was where she was. I am pleased that I was able to get this woman back to her family immediately. And, I enjoyed sharing a moment of watching a humming bird at a feeder outside my office window with the husband. It gave him a few minutes of sanity and beauty, which helped him come back into focus on the fact that situation could be handled. A wonderful ending to a stressful time. I smile thinking of his peace of seeing that bird - something he had not experienced before.”
  • No Show

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    I called Ms. Henley with a problem i had gotten into. We met a few times and discussed my case. She even assured me that she would handle it and take care of me. I thought I had everything taken care of. Then the day of my court, I am waiting for my lawyer, Ms. Henley, to arrive and she is a no-show!! I called her several times and at the last moment she answered saying she is not showing up!!

    Extremely UNprofessional and inconsiderate! It was my first time and so naturally I was very nervous and completely dependent on her. As my lawyer I would have expected her to at least give me a heads up she's not going to be able to make it, but instead she waited till after the court meeting to let me know!

    Needless to say, I dropped her. I would NOT recommend her to anyone! You never know if she will show up or not!

    Cynthia Russell Henley’s response: “Despite my complaint and flagging to AVVO that this is a false posting that should be investigated, nothing has been done. I consider this posting to be libelous at best. I challenge the poster to come forward for further discussion.”
  • Outstanding Service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Charles

    My case was handled in a fast professional manner in record time. I can not say enough good things about Ms. Henley and her style of work. Very causual and relaxed which helped during a very trying time. Always pick an attorney who knows the system. Ms. Henley does know the system and makes it work for you.