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Latest Do It Yourself Kit

Practice Area: Family

Outcome: Divorce in Progress

Description: Wife emailed me regarding my DO IT YOURSELF DIVORCE kit. The couple came to see me for a consultation ($150). They were in counseling and were trying to make their marriage work. There appear to have a lot of unresolved emotional issues. Neither were from Texas and they did not understand Texas divorce law. I answered their legal questions. A month later they contacted me again. Counseling was not working. I encouraged them to continue while their divorce moved forward so that they could communicate in a "safe" environment. They wanted to proceed with my DO IT YOURSELF kit. Both of them were comfortable with me helping them with their divorce paperwork. Wife keeps the books so she knows where all the money goes. Husband has 3 small businesses. They are currently working out their financial division so it will not impact their children & their lifestyles. The children are in private school & involved in many extra-curricular activities. Husband has moved out of the home. Both are complaining about the high costs of running 2 homes! However, both want to make sure their children are not impacted by this divorce. They want to proceed slowly as they watch the economy & their businesses.

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