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2 Recent Cases involving "bogus" collections

Practice Area: Debt settlement

Outcome: Helped 2 people with small claim cases

Description: I've had 2 recent cases regarding collections. One was a very old debt. The man hired me and I filed an Answer. Once I got involved the attorney never appeared in court and the judge dismissed due to statute of limitations had run years ago. I think they were just trying to "bluff" him into paying a "bogus" debt. Another lady got a nasty letter from a collection company regarding a sub-contractor that left a job incomplete and disappeared. He wanted almost $7,000. No written contract. This man had "trashed" her home - saw the photos & had 3 other unhappy neighbors where he'd left their homes worst than he found them. One phone got the amount reduced to $1,000. I told the "collection agent" that if they persued this matter, she would counter-sue for the $5,000 she's paid to "fix" his shoddy work. So far this "collection agent" has stopped harrassing the lady. Hopefully these "bullies" will go away!

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