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Fran Brochstein

Fran Brochstein’s Legal Guides

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  • When To Talk to An Attorney

    When do you need to consult with an attorney? Answer: The best time to consult with an attorney is when you don't need one. Whenever you have concerns about a potential problem, that's the time to talk to a lawyer. Here are a few of the reasons to consult with an attorney: G...

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  • What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

    More on ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) generally refers to the use of a neutral third party to facilitate settlement of a dispute outside of a formal court of law. In Texas, a common use o

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  • Texas Estate Planning & Will Documents

    What documents do I recommend? I recommend that you read and decide if the following documents are right for you: 1. Statutory Durable Power of Attorney (beware — very powerful!) 2. Medical Power

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  • Questions for a Child Custody Battle

    Question 1-10 1. What is your goal today? 2. Why should you have custody? 3. Why should your spouse not have custody? 4. What are your spouse’s strengths and weaknesses? 5. What are your

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  • What is Collaborative Law?

    More on Collaborative Law Therefore, the parties and their attorneys are motivated to reach a settlement without court intervention. The parties and the attorneys all sign a Collaborative Law Partic

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  • What to wear to court

    You don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed. Recognize that most judges are middle-class and have been practicing law for many years. The Judge will usually wear a black robe when they ar

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  • When Should You Talk an Attorney?

    It's similiar maintaining your vehicle & your health It is cheaper to properly maintain a vehicle with regular oil changes, tire rotation, etc. than to ignore the vehicle and then have major problems

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