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Fran Brochstein

About Fran Brochstein

About me

As a 13 year cancer survivor, I decided to shift my practice to mediation. I no longer litigate (aka "going to court"). 

Houstonia Magazine listed me as one of the top family law attorney-mediators in the Houston area for the past 3 years. 

For 2015, In H-Texas Magazine I was selected as one of the best attorney-mediators in Houston. 

I encourage people to mediate their case instead of allowing a stranger (a judge) to determine what is best for their children.  YOU know what will work best for your family. Mediation offers you more options than the judge can order.

I handle mediations at the beginning of a divorce (known as early intervention mediation), early in the divorce process (known as temporary orders) and the mediation right before trial (known as final orders). Sometimes I actually work with the people several times during their case.

In mediation, the parties control the process. I facilitate the process.  My prices are much more affordable than hiring attorneys and doing a traditional divorce. I'm currently married to my 3rd husband -- so I understand how difficult ending a relationship can be for people.  

 I am able to mediate afternoons, night & week-ends to accommodate most people's busy schedules.  Convenient location & free parking.  Casual, safe & cozy atmosphere. 

My prices are set to make mediation affordable to everyone. A 4-hour mediation is $300 per side  (or $600 for 4 hours) and if we go longer than 4 hours I charge by the hour.  

If I serve as your mediator, I am unable to act as an attorney.  Therefore, I urge parties to retain legal counsel.  I am not allowed to prepare any legal documents.  I can give you the names of some affordable attorneys - but you make the final decision as to the attorney you hire to draft the final paperwork or use the free forms on 

The Mediated Legal Agreement is written in plain, easy to understand English so an attorney can prepare the final paperwork in "legaleze" for a Judge to sign.  

In 2016, I am serving on the boards of Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity-Bellaire Alumni Chapter, Association for Conflict Resolution-Houston Chapter and Texas Association of Mediators. I belong to several professional mediator and family law attorney groups. 

Visit my website ( for my resume and more information on mediation. 

I offer a 10 minute free phone consultation to see if I am able to assist you.  

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