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Paul V. Simon

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  • Appealing a case

    When a supreme court divorce judgment is to be appealed to applete court can new evidences be brought up?

    Paul’s Answer

    Usually not, but there are exceptions to this usual rule. The exceptions will depend on the particular circumstances of what the evidence is, why it is considered "new," and where you are in the process. If you'd like to discuss the particulars, please give me a call.

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  • A man was selling on craigslist. said it was financed from a dealer and was still paying it off. the car wont pass inspection.

    craigslist post said it was inspected and had a clean title. met the man and looked at the car.he then told me that he still owed $350 at the dealership. he explained that if i paid it off at the dealer the title would be in my name and i would a...

    Paul’s Answer

    Based on what you've said, you may have a case of fraud or violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, but it might depend on whether you signed any paperwork that represented what was or was not wrong with the car. For example, if you bought a car with "no warranty" and no one told you that the car didn't have problems (when its problems prevent it from passing inspection), then you may be out of luck. One problem you may have--and this is true in a lot of consumer cases--is that the amount of your dispute is probably too small for most lawyers to take on a contingency-fee basis, which means you'll either have to file suit on your own or pay a lawyer upfront and then hope you can recover those from the wrongdoer when your case goes to trial.

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