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$140,000 for Faulty Foundation

Case Conclusion Date: 09.17.2013

Practice Area: Construction and development

Outcome: $140,000 Settlement - $56,000 Attorneys Fees

Description: In 2003, prospective homeowners began searching for a homebuilder to design their dream home. The homeowners ultimately decided to go with Fine Creations Building and Design based upon representations made by the builder. Specifically, the builder represented the site of the new home would be meticulously prepared to prevent foundation problems. This was especially important to the homebuyers because the land was undeveloped and required significant tree removal. The construction of the home was completed in 2004. In 2010, the home began to experience significant foundation and structural problems. The builder initially blamed the foundation problem on the 2010 drought and denied any liability for the significant damages to the home. The builder ultimately took responsibility after we proved the damages were not a result of the drought, but the builders failure to properly prepare the soil and remove tree roots prior to construction of the foundation. The home cost $70,000 to repair. The homeowners were also able to recover the diminished value of the home, temporary housing, attorneys fees and litigation costs.

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