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Douglas A. A'Hern

Douglas A'Hern’s Answers

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  • Can state and federal time run concurrently?

    My boyfriend just received 5 years state time; now they're adding a federal case against him can they be ran concurrently

    Douglas’s Answer

    It depends upon who arrested him first. Generally, the sentence imposed by the court who has primary jurisdiction, (in his case, it sound like the the state) is served first. It has to be spelled out in the sentence. Be aware that under 18 U.S.C. § 3584(a), it is is not addressed, they will often run consecutively.

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  • Will welfare offices send a notice if they plan to file welfare fraud charges against a friend?

    Last week a friend of mine had a meeting with investigators? He said it was due to complaint of welfare fraud? Will they send a notice if they plan to refer friend"s case to a prosecutor to file charges or will they just come arrest my friend?

    Douglas’s Answer

    They will most often contact your friend for an interview. At that interview, it will likely be recorded. Be aware that any incriminating statements made at that time will be used later. If the total amount is over $1,500, it will probably be a felony in Texas.

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