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Robert R. Wisner

About Robert Wisner

About me


     Rob Wisner represents banks and other financial services providers ranging from community banks to large multi-state holding companies and finance companies.  His advice and unique expertise on consumer lending forms and procedures are sought not only by financial institutions, but also by forms companies, other law firms and regulators.

     Rob is passionate about his documents.  He constantly develops new forms and refines existing ones so that he can efficiently deliver documents customized to each transaction.  Since Rob's entire professional career has been devoted to representing financial services providers, he has a unique ability to draft and negotiate documents that protect his client's interests.

     Rob frequently publishes articles, presents seminars and conducts in-house training on Texas and federal consumer compliance and lending.  Since first published in 1992, Mr. Wisner's book, Usury and Texas Credit Laws, has been the "go to" treatise on lending and compliance in Texas.


Consumer Finance

     Prepares residential real estate loan documents, including truth in lending and other necessary disclosures.

     Drafts consumer credit forms and disclosures, including notes, security agreements, deeds of trust, retail installment contracts, and overdraft checking, credit card, and other open-end credit agreements.

     Reviews forms and procedures for compliance.

     Conducts training seminars on consumer real estate lending issues for financial institutions, Texas and federal regulators, trade associations (e.g. IBAT and TBA), and legal associations.


Commercial Finance

     Documents commercial credit transactions, including real estate loans, warehouse lines of credit, asset based lending, SBA loans, aircraft, ship, and intellectual property secured loans.

  • Drafts commercial credit forms, including, commitment letters, authority documentation, loan agreements, security agreements, account control agreements and other forms for forms companies and financial institutions.
  • Drafts wire transfer, internet, private banking, check cashing, securities account and other service agreements.
  • Serves as a consulting and expert witness with respect to usury and other lending issues.


Workout, Collection and Foreclosure

     Designs and reviews notices, letters and procedures for in-house collection efforts.

  • Negotiates and drafts workouts of existing credits.
  • Works with litigators in collection and bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Defends lender liability and consumer compliance issues, including class action lawsuits.
  • Conducts non-judicial foreclosures.