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Mark Ryan Thiessen

About Mark Thiessen

About me

Born and raised in Houston, Texas.  Went off to college at TCU and came back home for law school.  I know Houston.  I am raising my family in Houston.  I love Houston.  It's my job to protect the citizens of Houston. 


My favorite part of this job is going to trial.  And, it's that love of trial that gets great results before a trial is necessary.  Too often the State will try and force you into a deal.  Let me analyze the case.  Let me analyze the State.  The State has the burden of proof to prove that you committed that crime beyond a reasonable doubt.  Don't go down without taking a swing of the bat.  But, it's best to bring the biggest bat you can carry. 


I live by my word and will always be straight with you.  When you hire me, I will give you my cell phone number and you can call/text/email me at any time.  Afterall, I work for you.

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