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Tovah Energy LLC v. David Michael Grimes et al

Case Conclusion Date: 12.17.2010

Practice Area: Lawsuits and disputes

Outcome: Verdict for Plaintiff & Intervenor for $11.4mm & $381.5mm

Description: The Shelby County jury sided with the plaintiffs, who claimed that SouthWestern Energy Production Co. (SEPCO) stole their trade secrets and profited from them. The jury awarded the plaintiffs $11.4 million in compensatory damages, finding that SEPCO had violated the Texas Theft Liability Act by misappropriating trade secrets and had committed fraud related to a confidentiality agreement in 2005 pertaining to two oil and gas prospects in East Texas. In addition, the jury found that, for purposes of disgorgement, SEPCO’s profits were $381.5 million, which the court may or may not order SEPCO to pay to the plaintiffs as part of any judgment.

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