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Matthew Patrick Horak

About Matthew Horak

About me

Matt Horak has been a Texas lawyer for almost a decade. His experience working as the Assistant District Attorney at Harris County District Attorney's Office has given Matt a widespread point of view when it comes to formulating defenses for his clients. Along with his knowledge on how the prosecution and police procedures work, Matt has the experience necessary to boldly defend clients accused of all misdemanor and/or felony crimes


Matt Horak opened up Houston criminal defense practice, Horak Law, in 2006, to ensure the citizens of Houston had someone dedicated to protecting their rights after an arrest. He takes cases all across the Houston area for individuals accused of crimes including state and federal charges, drug charges, juvenile offenses, criminal traffic offenses such as DWI in Houston, violation of probation and many other crimes.


If you have recently been accused of a crime in the Houston area or know someone else who has and would like to schedule a free consultation with Houston criminal defense attorney Matt Horak, call (713) 225-8000.  He will represent you and get you moving past these charges as quickly as possible. It's Matt's mission to get Houstonians accused of crimes a fair fight, and he will be your legal advocate in a system designed for profiting police.  Contact us today to begin building your case with the help of Horak Law.

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