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Byron Keith Barclay

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    Anonymous review posted on

    Barclay represented me in a divorce case. I would not recommend him to anybody. He overcharged me for the work that he did. I eventually severed all ties with him in the middle of my court proceedings. He did not seem familiar with family law so I'm not sure why he takes on such cases. I had another lawyer review his charges and were found to be gross overcharges. In this lawyer's opinion, I was gouged by Mr. Barclay. I'm not sure if he is any better in personal injury trials but I would not recommend him for anything related to family law. I would also review his billing practices as he clearly overcharged. Whatever legal actions lead to maximum profit he took. For instance, he drove 2.5 hours to file my petition when he could have just e-filed it for 10 dollars. He also inventoried my home for several hours and proceeded to charge me more than 2000 dollars for something an assistant or myself could have done for much cheaper. These are just a few examples. I would not recommend Mr. barclay to anyone.

    Byron Keith Barclay’s response: “Regrettably, divorce can be an emotionally charged endeavor, and often people in divorce actions are unwilling (or unable) to accept blame or responsibility for the end of a marriage. In this matter, my client came to the revelation three months into the process that the divorce process is expensive, (imagine that?) and when she became aware of the full financial picture, (for the first time in her nearly thirty-five year marriage), this client asked for a free mediation from the Court so that she could end her marriage and move on with her life as expediently and cheaply as possible. After filing suit, this client left the United States for a two month sabbatical to her homeland, and communications with her by telephone or email were difficult to impossible most of the time she was on sabbatical. Because this client was afraid of her spouse, and made allegations against her spouse of multiple episodes of physical abuse, it was my recommendation, to which she concurred, that a temporary restraining order (TRO) be requested and entered by the Court. To enforce such orders, it was necessary that the TRO be served on her spouse immediately, and this required filing the petition by hand, obtaining the order and serving it as quickly and directly as possible. The e-filing process which my client suggests is a perfect mechanism for many suits, however at the time this divorce was filed, the TRO that would protect her from physical harm required a lawyer to present the motion to the Court and obtain that signed order as soon as possible for service on her spouse. The inventory of this client's home was required by the Court to be filed prior to entering temporary orders, and since this client 1) had never prepared or filed an inventory, and 2) was not at that time occupying her home since she fled her home (and the US) for her own physical safety, I suggested after she returned to the US that we meet at her home while her husband was at work to quickly photograph the rooms of her home so that the inventory could be prepared in my office without concern for her physical safety. The entire process, including the tasks involved in obtaining a temporary restraining order and preparing an accurate inventory were discussed in advance with this client, and she approved all of these recommendations in advance. Finally, all of the charges to this client were submitted to her in advance, with ample time to review these charges and discuss any questions that she had about those charges. This client (and this lawyer) attended a preliminary mediation of the temporary orders (with a $4,000 invoice due and owing), and at that time, in the span of fifteen minutes, the client decided first that she wanted to halt the preliminary mediation and find a new lawyer, and then that she wanted to mediate the entire divorce, including division of property so that she could finalize her divorce as quickly (and cheaply) as possible and be done with the entire process. After signing an agreement regarding the division of property, which would have ended her marriage, the client then decided she didn't want a divorce at all, and waited six months to pay me the final invoice. In the end, a client who could not decide what she wanted, who is unhappy in life and with her spouse of nearly thirty-five years decided to shift the blame for her dissatisfaction to her lawyer. Life is too short to spend this much time whining about a four thousand dollar bill, yet this client has (apparently) obsessed over this matter since my withdrawal two years ago. Oh, how I wish I had just followed my gut about this client, and never agreed to help her. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.”
  • Excellent thought out legal work

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tom

    Byron helped me recently with a delicate and complicated legal matter. He was extremely professional, intelligent and I valued his advice. I highly recommend him.

  • Helped me recovery several months of pay.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jared

    I am a contractor for medical testing. A company I worked for owed me for testing I had done over a period of several months - but refused to pay. I tried over and over to work it out with them but they still refused. Finally I told them I would have to take legal action, to which they replied fine, we'll see you in court. Their attorney sent me several legal documents including a demand for the small claims court judge to drop the case. I didn't know what to do. I was afraid I would lose several months of my income. A friend of mine referred me to Byron Barclay.
    Mr. Barclay was a great relief. He took the stress of dealing with the lawsuit and their intimidation away from me. We moved the case out of small claims into the big arena, and I was no longer on the defensive. Mr. Barlcay continued to press them for information and to justify their refusal to pay, all the while keeping me apprised of the situation and asking how I would like to continue. In the end, the company settled the case out of court and I was able to recover my lost wages in full. For me, the stress relief and knowing I was able to recover the much need pay has been a great blessing. I would recommend Byron Barclay to anyone in need

  • He did what he said he would do!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kathleen

    Mr. Barclay represented me in a suit I brought against a service provider who deceived me and mistreated me. The suit was complicated because the "injury" spanned a fifteen year time horizon. Mr. Barclay was methodical in his preparation for depositions and trial. He thought "outside the box" which lead to a recovery which exceeded my expectations. I would definitely hire Byron Barclay again to represent me.

    Byron Keith Barclay’s response: “I was definitely lucky to have such a fine client, and very pleased to have earned such a good result. Good clients make good results even more likely. Thank you so much for your kind words.”
  • Excellence in motion

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jon

    10's across the board would be my rating for Mr. Barclay.

    Mr. Barclay was extremely professional. He never promised something to me that he couldnt/didnt deliver. He was able to help me through 2 personal injury cases that changed my life dramatically. He was able to help me find avenues to receive medical help, advice, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment, while the cases were being developed.

    With Mr. Barclay's help I was able to get my life back on track.

    Thank you, Byron.