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Scott Joseph Davenport

Scott Davenport’s Answers

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  • My wife needs help with a questionable business deal.

    She was involved in renovating a Hotel tavern and grill for a great sum of money. She now finds out that the Hotel is in litigation for various code violations and could be shut down at any time. Does she have any recourse to recover any of her ...

    Scott’s Answer

    If the code violations were the result of her faulty work, then there will be some problems as they wil largue that she failed to perform under the contract. If the violations were the fault of some other vendor, then she would have a claim against the Hotel who contracted with her. She should research filing a material and mechanic's lien if applicable to protect her interests. Best to talk to a lawyer.

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  • Do I need an attorney for a hearing with a school district?

    There were 5 girls that have stated my daughter gave another student a pipe and bag of pot. After they were searched they found items on another person. These 5 girls are stating that my daughter gave it to them. My daughter says she had no idea w...

    Scott’s Answer

    Probably a good idea. find someone in your area who works with juvenile criminal matters. better safe than sorry.

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