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Christopher J. Downey

About Christopher Downey

About me

Mr. Downey was born in Canton, Massachusetts. He attended Noble and Greenough School in Dedham Massachusetts. He received his undergraduate degree from Duke University and earned his law degree from Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law. While a student in law school, Mr. Downey was chosen to become one of a select group of students to compete in national events as a member of the American Trial Lawyer’s Association (ATLA) Mock Trial Team. He obtained his law degree in 1993 and was one of a very limited group of applicants to be hired before graduation by the Trial Division of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office in Houston, Texas. Mr. Downey served as a trial prosecutor with the District Attorney’s Office until December 1998. He is licensed throughout the State of Texas as well as in the federal courts of the Southern District of Texas. Mr. Downey is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Specialization.

While serving as a prosecutor for Harris County, Mr. Downey held a variety of positions within the District Attorney’s Office and acted as lead trial prosecutor in over 60 jury trials. He was selected to serve as the Chief Prosecutor in charge of two misdemeanor courts including the newly created County Criminal Court at Law No. 15. During his tenure, Mr. Downey achieved Assistant Chief Felony Prosecutor status and was responsible for prosecuting a wide variety of crimes including murder and other first-degree felony crimes.

During his last year with the District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Downey was selected to join the Civil Rights Division where he focused his efforts on the investigation and prosecution of law enforcement personnel accused of civil rights violations. He was a member of the Harris County District Attorney’s Shooting Investigation Team which was responsible for examining every officer-related shooting in Harris County in which a citizen was injured.

As a prosecutor, Mr. Downey worked closely with members of numerous police agencies including the Houston Police Department, the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, the Texas Rangers, DEA, FBI, ATF, the Secret Service, the Internal Affairs Division and the Department of Justice.

To date, none of the convictions Mr. Downey obtained as a prosecutor have ever been reversed on appeal.

In December 1998, Mr. Downey left the District Attorney’s Office to establish his own firm. In June 2002, Mr. Downey founded The Downey Law Firm at its present location at 2814 Hamilton Street in downtown Houston. He devotes the majority of his practice to representing individual citizens and corporate clients charged with state and federal crimes. His office is staffed with additional attorneys who assist clients on a wide variety of other matters including, but not limited to family law, personal injury law and general litigation.

Mr. Downey undertakes all criminal cases with an eye toward obtaining a dismissal of all charges. He educates all of his clients as to the nature of the charges they face and the legal ramifications of any outcomes that might occur. Mr. Downey has successfully defended citizens accused of a wide range of charges including virtually all forms of felonies and misdemeanors.

Over the years, Mr. Downey has developed a strong working relationship with judges, prosecutors, members of law enforcement, and fellow members of the defense bar. He works hard to maintain a reputation within the community as a vigorous advocate for his clients and an aggressive trial attorney.

Mr. Downey is a former member of the Texas District and County Attorney’s Association. He is a member in good standing with the State Bar of Texas’ Criminal Justice Section as well as the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association (TCDLA), and the Harris County Criminal Lawyer’s Association (HCCLA).

Additionally, Mr. Downey has appeared as a legal commentator on criminal matters for MSNBC, The Abrams Report, Court TV and the Catherine Crier Show.

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