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Tyler Ashley Flood

About Tyler Flood

About me

I am a native Houstonian and married with 2 boys, Senator and March.   I attended Klein High School in Spring.  I played baseball at McClennan Community College in Waco and graduated from Texas State University in 1994.  I received my J.D. degree from South Texas College of Law in 2001.  My wife, Aimee, was born in Singapore and has lived in Malaysia and Rio before coming to Spring and attending Westfield High School.


I studied abroad in Malta in 2000.  I also began practicing in 2001 and started Tyler Flood and Associates, Inc. in 2003.  I am Board Certified in Criminal Law.  I have two associates, Matt Deluca and James Fletcher and Andrea Podlesney is our amazing Board Certified Paralegal and Brenda Leal heads up the front office. 


I try DWI cases all around Texas.  I've won in Montgomery County, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Bronwnsville, Corpus Rockport, Laredo, Austin, Giddings, Edna, Tyler County, you name it.


I am driven.  I am self motivated and enthusiastic in my practice.  I feel our calling to defend the constitution is the most noble endeaver in the legal profession.  Clarence Darrow inspires me in his writings.  I also read Gerry Spence.  These men have ideas that create freshness in your thoughts and views on society  and life.  Criminal Defense is full of big personalities that keep it interesting.

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