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Michael Paul Fleming

Michael Fleming’s Answers

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  • My mother was killed in car wreck 2006. Man responsible for wreck is severe diabetic. He has been treated for his condition

    since 1998. the wrongful death case has been resolved. My information is that the doctor treating him for diabetes never reported his condition to TXDPS as he had valid DL at time of wreck. Can his doctor be held partially responsible for not re...

    Michael’s Answer

    Unfortunately, the statute of limitations for a personal injury/wrongful death claim in Texas is two years.

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  • I'm 60 yrs old. Sprained my ankle in front of Deerbroke Mall. The mall was in bankcruptcy process, but now finalized.

    It has been more than 3 years. I went to theraphy for my injury. My ankle didn't feel better until 6 months later. To date, when the weather is not good, I feel the pain. I have been talking the firm's Representative. Sent all the doctor's statem...

    Michael’s Answer

    If you settled the claim and the defendant is in bankrupcty, you should contact a bankruptcy lawyer.

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