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Jon Thomas’s reviews

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  • Kept his word did exactly what he said

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Xnfniti

    The day I met Jon Thomas, he listened to the details of my case ,he told me "if I hire him I would never have to worry about this case again", that is exactly what happened. I have previous charges prior to this case, he dealt with the D.A. on the facts and was able to have the case dismissed, rouge cops detained me as a passenger in a car accused of running a stop sign, there was no stop sign as it was documented in a previous accident report from an accident in the same location, an investigator took photos of the location where the stop sign was allegded to be, and even satellite photos proved there was no stop sign. Jon Thomas saved my life, we are all human and make mistakes, but he is definitely a good lawyer, I referred him to a friend and the same thing he had the case dismissed as the police report was faulty, contained errors and disproved unfounded accusations

  • Beware of this attorney!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Andrew

    Hired Jon Thomas to help with out of state legal matters involving a case that had already been tried. Jon billed me and I paid him over 1500 dollars . Then for the next 8 months having to deal with Jon never returning calls, refusing to give me copies of what he was doing , then refusing to even return my case file I finally get an email from his firm telling me warrants removed case closed. As soon as I received this email from Thomas law firm I immediately contacted the courts to find that Jon had not only NOT taken care of warrants that were issued for my arrest because he had not sent the proper letters to the court before the date I was ordered to appear, but find out that he had NEVER contacted them nor sent them anything regarding my case. So Jon Thomas flat out took my money from me. Taking this to the bar of course but could not keep looking at his review and seeing him with a clean record.

  • Jon Thomas does not keep his word.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Jeff

    I was a former client of Mr. Thomas' in 2011. Mr. Thomas presented me with a bill for $6000, to represent me in an evading arrest case/child endangerment . He missed several hearing dates. He missed the pre-trial conference entirely... He made a deal with the DA, and then neglected to get my approval on it. He coarsed me into signed for a PCI, with intimidation tactics. Judge Jan Krocker in the 184th, threatened to report him to the bar, for not showing up to our trial on time. on 1/23/12. He cost me 15 months of my life, promising me that I would never do a day in jail. I will never recommend Jon Thomas to anyone..