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David R. Lee

About David Lee

About me

I am a cantankerous, determined, persistent, knowledgable and skilled attorney in my areas of practice.  I do not have a reverse gear.  I only know to go forward, to work hard, to thoroughly investigate, to use my superior knowledge of the law and the regulatory environment to client's advantage.  I am aggressive, but businesslike.  I am very much at home in the courtroom.  I do not go to court looking schmooze and trade pictures of pets.  I go there to take care of legal business, and to prevail over the state and all its minions and resources.  I fully expect to do so.  Those expectations are founded in fact and experience.  I was the point of the spear in traffic for decades. 


I do not claim to be a generalist, or to be functional at all outside my realm: traffic, criminal law, and administrative law as it pertains to getting and keeping your license, and in clearing up your criminal record as much as the law allows.  Call me.