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  • Friend married this girl because her visa was going to expire on nov.26,2011 he married her but he has a felony charge

    can he fix her papers no one knew of her not even his daughters nor his mom knew of her and they refuse to participate in the wedding

    Angelina’s Answer

    I would highly recommend consulting an attorney asap. This could be considered fraud and can be prosecuted. And based on the facts you provided, that be seem a logical reason that they married, especially if they married before the visa expired.

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  • My ex husband quit his job and now owns his own business, and he has not paid child support in the last 6 months. What can I do?

    He his a professional con artist and I am scared that if I take him to court he will ask to have his payments lowered because he isn't working technically. He posts all over twitter that he has his own business and is making all this money and I d...

    Angelina’s Answer

    If there is a court order in place and he's not paying, then you must file a contempt of court motion to collect what has not been paid to you. I would highly suggest contacting an attorney to get this going, especially since he is self-employed which is essentially why the courts have been able to enforce child support through contempt motions. In the meantime, I would keep records of all the information you are finding to help assist you to prove that he is making an income. Good luck!

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  • The mother when ever she feels like it, keeps my daughter from me. I have filed before but nothing, she keeps doing it.

    I just want to be at peace, it is hurtful not to see my daughter because I am missing her life pass me by!

    Angelina’s Answer

    You need to file a motion for contempt for failing to follow the court order. I would keep a detailed notebook with your attempts to pick up your daughter, the refusal, etc. If you have already done this, then do it again and make sure to ask the judge that the mother be punished for potentially harming your daughter and keeping her from her father. If she's not punished for her behavior, then she will likely continue.

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  • Child support mi

    We split up almost two years ago and have two children. I stayed at home with the kids so he always handled all the money. He knew I was unable to pay for a divorce so he has paid me only 150.00 every two weeks since we split. Can I try to receive...

    Angelina’s Answer

    Likely not. If you don't have a court order establishing child support in place, then you won't be able to collect child support that you weren't entitled to receive. Once a child support order has been put in place, then if he fails to make a payment you can collect those payments through a contempt of court proceeding. If you don't have a child support obligation in place, I would highly suggest contacting an attorney or possibly the attorney general in your state to get proceedings to establish child support. Good luck!

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  • My child's mom was married when she had our child, will I still owe back child support?

    I just found out I have a 1 year old child. I had a relationship with my ex but then I found out she was married. I ended our relationship and didn't know she was pregnant with our child. I took a paternity test and the child is mine. I have a cou...

    Angelina’s Answer

    Since you are the father of the child, you are financially responsible for the child. Once it has been determined that a person is in fact the biological parent, that financial obligation is created regardless of the parent's relationship with the child or whether the child's other parent is married. Your financial obligation was created when the child was born, but you can try to negate that obligation was showing that you did not know the child was yours nor that the child was even born. I would highly suggest contacting an attorney in your area to discuss the facts of your case with as child support obligations haven't been established yet. Good luck!

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  • Is it illegal to leave your child in a vehicle that is still running, while the other parent is not further than 15 ft away?

    I was trying to get something inside a restaurant while me and my ex were arguing...i went inside the restaurant as an opportunity...he was still upset and tried to take my son telling my i left my child ...and then called the cops, is it still co...

    Angelina’s Answer

    The fact is unfortunately you did leave your son in the car to go inside the restaurant. Whether someone is present is not the issue. I would contact an attorney to discuss it in more details. Good luck!

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  • His boss wont tell the truth child support

    okay i have a baby from a guy who works as a manger for the place he makes good money but his boss wont tell the truth about him having a job i put him on child support and thet sent the paper work to the job but when i called to check on it they ...

    Angelina’s Answer

    Regardless if he is working there or not, the father is in contempt of court if he isn't paying child support. Typically, you file a motion for contempt in the same court that ordered the child support. In the contempt motion you can add facts that pertain to this employment, such as your sending the proper documentation but that he supposedly doesn't work there anymore. I would also keep records of when you see his vehicle including the time of day, etc. A local attorney can help you proceed with this motion. good luck!

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  • How can I change my daughters last name to my husband last name if her biological father past away years ago?

    What is the process or where do I go if I want to change my daughters last name to my husband last name. Her biological father died 3 years ago in Mexico and I do not have a death certificate. She is six years old, and he never gave her any type o...

    Angelina’s Answer

    You must file a petition stating your child's present name, the reason for the change, and the full name requested for the child. If your child is 10 years or older, the child's written consent to the name changed must be attached. The court may order the name of a child changed if the change is found to be in the best interest of the child.

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  • How do I take my daughters fathers rights away?

    My daughter is 18 months old her father has only seen her 8 times since she Was born and has moved to Minnesota .he has not try to contact me about her and has never helped me raise her in anyway I'm wanting to take his rights away from him in the...

    Angelina’s Answer

    Under the Texas Family Code, the court may order termination of the parent-child relationship if the court finds it is in the child's best interest, and finds, by clear and convincing evidence (there are 20 termination grounds in Texas but I am only discussing grounds that may be applicable given the facts presented) voluntarily left the child alone or in the possession of another not the parent without expressing an intent to return, without providing the adequate support of the child, and remained away for a period of at least 3 months.

    Because the parent-child relationship is based on a constitutional right, this type of proceeding is done with strict scrutiny and typically an involuntary termination case is brought by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. I would highly recommend talking with an experienced attorney if you decide to proceed with this type of action.

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  • Why do they ask about the obligee net resources on the Family code?

    On Child support on the Family Code- Title 5 chapter 154 child support 154.129 - 154.130 it says (1) The net resources of the obligor oer month are ___$ (2) The net resources of the obligee per month are___$ (3) the percentage applied to the obli...

    Angelina’s Answer

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    The Texas court can vary (up or down) from the guideline support and consider the following factors in deviating from guideline support:

    1. Age of the child, the child’s needs and special expenses;
    2. Parents financial ability, income, assets and resources;
    3. Child care expenses;
    4. Other child support expenses and custody care;
    5. Any current alimony expenses;
    6. Medical and health care expenses and insurance;
    7. Educational expenses including college;
    8. Employer benefits;
    9. Debts or other financial obligations of parents;
    10. Wage deductions;
    11.Travel costs associated with child visitation;
    12. Income or expenses relating to assets of parent; and
    13. Automobile, mortgage or lease payments.

    There are also special rules the court will consider where there is split custody situation or a joint child household. There are also special rules if you have children from other relationships. A court can also modify child support if the noncustodial parent’s income has increased or decreased since the last child support order.

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