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Louis Christopher Harris

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  • I had rear end accident last year insurance accepted liability my medical bills with expected two surgeries are about $ 200000

    and I am in final stage of settlement ,adjuster sent a copy of declaration page showing policy limits 30/60/25 my question is that policy number on that page dose not match police report is this illegal do I need to hire attoreny

    Louis’s Answer

    You don't necessarily need to hire a lawyer....but you definitely need to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney (for free), and perhaps talk to more than one. Cases such as yours are typically taken on a "cut" (contingency), which means your attorney gets paid a part of the recovery. Typically, the attorney's cut is 1/3rd of the recovery if it is settled without having to go to trial. Many personal injury attorneys (although not all of them) have methods for making sure that all available insurance policies are uncovered. Such an attorney will also talk to you about the other types of insurance mentioned by others here that most non-attorneys would never think about, like personal injury protection coverage and Uninsured/Underinsured coverage. There may be umbrella policies as well. I definitely recommend you speak with an attorney. If that attorney researches it and discovers that the cop just wrote the policy number down on the accident report incorrectly, and that there really is no additional coverage, that attorney really should not charge you 1/3rd of the settlement.

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