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Richard Scott Alagood

Richard Alagood’s Legal Guides

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  • Full Refund of A Security Deposit - Fact or Fiction?

    If you have ever leased an apartment, house, or even an office, warehouse or storage unit, you more than likely had to pay a deposit to the Landlord as security for your performance under the Lease. That deposit is typically referred to as a Security Deposit. The Texas Property C...

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  • Residential Construction Defects in Texas

    With a hopefully improving economy, our State and local community should see an increase in new housing development. If our past history is a good indicator of the future, then the increase in new construction will necessarily increase the number of construction defect claims bet...

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  • When Should I Use A Quitclaim Deed in Texas?

    A Quitclaim Ded in Texas is somewhat of an oxymoron. Believe it or not, a Quitclaim Deed is really not a Deed. To understand the reasons why, you must know a little background about the type of deeds typically used in Texas to transfer real property. There are three basic types ...

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