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Paul A. Conner

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  • I have had my grandson since he was born 01/29/03 my daughter signed a notarized form can she take him from me

    my grandson has been with me since birth i have had him on my health insurance from my jobs i have had 3 jobs all with medical insurance which he has had also his school his residence has always been with me and now since she is in a stable relati...

    Paul’s Answer

    Under Texas law, a person has standing to file an original suit involving custody of a child if the person has had actual care, control and possession of a child for at least six months before the filing of the suit. There is a statutory presumption that a parent should be appointed as a custodial conservator, but there are fact situations that will rebut that presumption and allow a non-parent to be appointed. The best interests of the child will guide the judge's decision. You should consult with a qualified family law attorney to get advice on the best actions to take in your circumstance.

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