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Michael Shawn Matlock

Michael Matlock’s Legal Guides

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  • Children and the Juvenile Court System/Confession Law

    What makes a kid a kid Section 51.095 is the functional equivalent of Article 38.22 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure for juvenile offenders. The principal difference, of course, is that §51.

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  • Felony Alcohol Intervention Program in Tarrant County, Texas

    Applicable Crimes Felony level DWIs (which require at least two prior DWI convictions for the enhancement, or a prior conviction for Intoxication Manslaughter), are fundamentally different that first

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  • Texas DWI Basics

    The Stop Contrary to popular belief, the police cannot stop a person unless they have a justified reason for doing so. Although that sounds like a benefit to people, in reality, the police can often

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  • The Texas Appellate Process

    Post-Verdict Motions Article 44.02 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure provides a criminal defendant the opportunity to appeal a conviction. This can begin in a number of ways. There are post-ver

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