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  • Civil case judgement filed Jan,6 2006 wasn't refiled until May 15,2016 .Did the time run out on them because it wasn't refiled

    Live in Texas bought jet ski in Oklahoma got in difficult situation couldn't pay for it one day got up it was gone so They repo it then file on me for some ungodly amount which now $22,000.00 But name mis-spelled ......It was over 10 year before ...

    Warren’s Answer

    I'm not sure if you are talking about a new case, or a refiling of an abstract after ten years, or a new case based on the old debt, or something else entirely.

    If you have been served, take whatever paperwork you have received to a local attorney to figure it out.

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  • I am behind on maintenance dues in a subdivision,they want me to agree to pay in full within 90 days.I can't pay that amount.

    I am physically disabled and on a low fixed income.I own my home and I want to pay the dues I owe.but it is not possible for me to do that within the 90 days they want me to agree to. I told them I can make monthly payments based on my income.they...

    Warren’s Answer

    If you can't pay what they demand, send them a letter telling them what you CAN do, and then actually do it.

    What too many people try to do in this situation is tell the HOA a sob story and ask for a complete forgiveness of the debt. That's highly unlikely. Start paying the HOA off as you can - only when they see you are paying them back will they back off.

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  • What is required on a second letter from a third party debt collector?

    I have an outstanding debt to a medical institution. They now have a third party debt collector attempting to collect the debt. I received a letter yesterday from them demanding full payment. However, I was wondering what required disclaimers must...

    Warren’s Answer

    In my humble opinion, it is not that these letters are missing required information, but often have misrepresentative statements that are not allowed.

    See for the requirements of the FDCPA.

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  • Next steps? Charges?

    A few months ago I purchased a vehicle with a dealership. Total sale price 15,121. This was a lien and titles in the vehicle was repoed for non-payment. The vehicle was not settled with the bank and no car was recovered for the bank and t...

    Warren’s Answer

    There are missing details that would make a difference to the story. I'd take all the documentation to a local attorney and see if he can connect the dots. It may be that it's a simple matter to ensure what the full story is. You may have nothing to do but get proper notification to the credit agencies that the debt is resolved, or there may be a lot more to it.

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  • Where can I find information regarding mechanic/shop liens.

    I own a small motorcycle shop. I have several customers that have left their motorcycles here for weeks without paying for the work performed. They either do not return my calls or make appointments to pay the bill and pick up the motorcycles, t...

    Warren’s Answer

    Liens are filed with the county in which the action occurred. You can look them up online in many counties. BUT, you really want to get help with this, so you don't get into trouble. The rules are pretty exacting, and even attorneys screw it up - getting competent assistance is too cheap.

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  • (1) What is the federal criminal code for defaulting on a federal student loan and (2) how long can one be sentenced default? Recently, a Texas man claimed he was put in jail and then forced by a judge to sign a repayment plan for a $1,500 bill from 1987, according to Houston Fox 26. ...

    Warren’s Answer

    The previous answer is correct. I would add to her answer that, while you cannot get into trouble in this country for merely not paying one's bills (outside of child support), not responding to a court's order WILL get you into jail.

    This is the series of events:
    1) Creditor sues student who is not paying his bill.
    2) Student ignores the suit.
    3) Creditor gets a default judgment because student ignored the suit.
    4) Creditor sends post-judgment interrogatories to student, who ignores them as well.
    5) Creditor asks the court to enforce the rules about a requirement to answer the interrogatories.
    6) Creditor eventually asks the court to put the student into jail until student answers the question.
    7) After multiple opportunities for the student to comply with the court's orders, the frustrated court finally gives in and orders the arrest of the student.

    We do not have debtors' prison in this country any more (except for child support), but courts absolutely enforce the right of creditors in litigation to demand responses to proper discovery.

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  • If a fabric is copyrighted, how similar can the fabric be to the copyrighted fabric bf it's considered infringement?

    I have a online boutique page and some of my wholesalers get ideas from other designers and make there own. The style is never the same but the fabric will be similar. Not exact maybe a different color or something. Can I get in trouble for carryi...

    Warren’s Answer

    Ah, how close one can get to an existing fabric without infringing is a very common question. One way to look at it is to see what other fabrics are around, and how different the various other fabrics are. If you can find a million designs that are very close together, then we call that a "crowded" art, and you can get a lot closer than if there is one design, and no other designs that are close. It is often a jury issue.

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  • Wow is adding "Walt Disney's" to the movie of the Pinocchio movie poster not necessarily reverse passing off?

    This is not legal advice but for clarification. Looking at US Patent and Trademark Office site, I noticed that Disney has trademarks for titles like "Peter Pan", "Pinocchio", and "Snow White" for the categories of entertainment, including movies. ...

    Warren’s Answer

    First, you start with great gobs of really, Disney has seven registered marks for Cinderella. The goods include leather articles, cushions, clothing, jewelry, candle holders, magnets, and a series of CDs with the stories...they do not have a monopoly on the Cinderella story.

    I didn't look up Pinocchio, but I suspect the same thing is true there.

    It is common for people to try to make it look like they have a mark to monopolize an entire story, and one must always consider whether they want to tackle Disney or some similar huge organization. But fear not....just make sure to get an opinion from a professional before deciding to deliberately poke the bear.

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  • Can someone copyright all designs created in a common shape?

    A guy has built a fire pit that is shaped like a dodecahedron. In this shale, he has cut out designs. He has a copyright of some sort (I saw some of his paperwork). I read (in copyright laws) that a common shape can not be copyrighted. He is claim...

    Warren’s Answer

    The copyright process is not as merit-oriented as the patent process. It's more of just a registration of claims, not well examined for substance. Without knowing exactly what he's filed, it's hard to know what he's claiming, but I would put little stock in his claim before seeing it.

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  • Are there any attorneys in Newport News, VA that specialize in patent and trademark?

    I'd like to find out what it takes to file a provisional patent and then the non provisional. What is the typical cost to have the help of an attorney?

    Warren’s Answer

    Probably, but it doesn't matter.

    One of the great thing about patent and trademark work is that you can use any of us, anywhere in the world, to obtain a patent or register a trademark. I have clients stretching from Seattle to east Europe. You can do it all via phone and Internet.

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