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Ollie Jefferson

About Ollie Jefferson

About me

I have proudly practiced immigration law with honesty and great enthusiasm since opening my practice in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in 1984. Previously employed by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) in Cleveland, Ohio, where I attended law school, I was immediately drawn to the immigrant population because I saw the parrallels of their lives to my own American story. I was born in Mississippi, and grew up in poverty in the segregated Deep South. I always knew, however, that with a goal, education and hard work, I could improve my life. I wanted something better, and a new life.
That's what immigrants want. In this country, they can achieve the American dream. I have been so proud to help foreign nationals along this path. Since 1984, I have helped thousands of foreign nationals improve their lives and that of each successive generation through acquiring legal status, US citizenship, and fighting off deportation. My accomplishments are well-attested to by the fact that most of my new clients come to my office as referrals from prior clients with the highest recommendation. 
But, there have been some bruises along the way, as this site ( seems to proudly report for the gain that they receive from advertisers. Avvo is prominently reporting that I have been disciplined by the State Bar Association. Inasmuch as they have no interest in giving you the full facts, I would like to honestly and openly do so here. Several years ago,  I was dealing with illness which became progressively worse -- to the point that I missed a lot of time at work and even offered clients the opportunity to pick-up their files. Ultimately, I was sanctioned by the Bar, but at no time was I prohibited from continuing my practice. This was my greatest professional adversity; however, I took full responsibility for this unfortunate and unpreventable turn of events. 
Through medical treatment, and my faith in God, I am healthy and fit!  I have come a long way and have fought many battles to get to where I am today. I have learned from all of my life experiences, good and bad, and I continue to grow in a very positive manner. I remain equally committed to fighting just as hard for my clients today as I have done in the past. A number of my return clients have commented that I am now a better Attorney than ever before. They continuously attest that my reprimand was simply an aberration, saying it does not represent how I have conducted my practice. I so appreciate each client for standing by me and my practice. I look forward to my next 25 years of being the "best immigration lawyer that you could find anywhere." 

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