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  • Charges with dwi now charged with prescription pills cause no alcohol was found

    I refused the breath and blood test they took blood anyway which came up with low amounts prescription drugs and no alcohol. Now my dwi is for that than the dwi which I have priors for alcohol. I'm at a lose, question is if I took pills 2 days bef...

    Bobby’s Answer

    Last week the US Supreme Court decided Missouri v. McNeely, 133 S. Ct. 98 - Supreme Court 2012. This case limits non-consensual warrant-less blood draws by police. If you did not consent to this test nor a warrant was obtained you may be able to have the blood evidence suppressed citing McNeely. There are experts who are available to testify regarding the therapeutic v. intoxication levels of prescription drugs in the blood.
    If you are in Houston you should consult with a qualified DWI lawyers in Harris County. There are several very well qualified DWI lawyers there who do astounding work in DWI defense.
    Good luck,
    Bobby Mims

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