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  • My Lawyer got in touch with me asking was it ok if we settled for 95k netting 28k in my pockets. I said yes and went in to sign

    The paperwork, My Lawyer wasn't present. He would get in touch with me saying that he is fighting to get Reduction from The Medical Doctors, So he ask while I waited would I need an advancement. I told him yes, But will a Percentage be taking out...

    Shahed’s Answer

    As a personal Injury lawyer in Texas, I always provide my clients with a copy of the draft received from the insurance company and a disbursement sheet which includes the breakdown of all payments from the IOLTA account, attorney fees, expenses, and outstanding medical bills if any. Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA) account is the bank account were your draft will be deposited. From that account all the medical providers, lien holders, subrogation claims, attorney fees, and expenses will be paid. Ask your attorney for the disbursement sheet with all the break downs. I wish you the best.
    -Sean Chalaki

    Injury. Criminal. Corporate. Litigation

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  • How do I know which one of 2 highly recommended lawyers to choose?

    I was hit by a full sized truck, as a pedestrian, and have 2 civil lawyers very highly recommended to me. What questions should I ask & what criteria should I look for to set one apart from the other. Thank you for your time!

    Shahed’s Answer

    The one that cares to listen; cares to explain matters to you; knows his/her client's case by heart; treats you like a person and not a lottery ticket; willing to try cases but does a great job settling your case before trial; one that you trust. I personally would go with a medium size firm not a big firm. As my colleagues mentioned you want someone experienced handling personal injury cases. I would not fall for the one with cheaper rates. Remember the more the attorney gets for you the more he recovers however, you want an attorney who will not just take their fees off top, and actually considers their client's interest. Shopping around until you feel comfortable with someone is important.
    I answered similar questions before on our website:
    If you don't find your answers there feel free to email me at , I be happy to answer any additional questions.

    Please do understand that this is not legal advice and it is my personal opinion and it does not form any kind of attorney-client relationship.

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  • If I am uninsured and someone hits me, and claims responsibility am I still entitled to damages in the state of texas?

    i was rear ended at a yeild and the driver admitted fault but insurance lapsed and i wasnt insured

    Shahed’s Answer

    If you are involved in a car collision, the party at fault, meaning the party whose wrongful action has caused the collision is responsible. The condition of fault is not based on your DL, insurance, or the vehicle you are driving. The insurance companies deal with claims everyday therefore, they are skilled at convincing the injured party that they might get in trouble for this.

    The proper actions to take at this point:
    Create a journal To your attorney and start writing what you remember about the collision.
    Do not discuss your accident with anyone.
    If police officers showed up to the scene of the collision, try to obtain a copy of the Police report through the city where the collision occurred.
    If you were injured, make sure to seek medical help immediately.
    Most Personal Injury law firms offer free consultation, before speaking to an adjuster or an insurance company seek some advice.

    Property Damage:
    As far as your vehicle damages, they are responsible to compensate you for the cost of repairs and any towing bills, impound fees, and Rental car until the vehicle is repaired.

    If your vehicle estimated repair cost increase almost 60%(depending on the jurisdiction) of the value of your vehicle, your car will be declared a total loss. On a total loss you are entitled to your vehicles fair market value. Until the insurance company has provided you with this value you are entitled to a rental vehicle.

    Be real careful with what you disclose to the insurance company. In most situations, you don't have to do a recorded statement with them or provide them with all your private information.

    If you have any further questions we are a Personal Injury Law Firm in Texas and we would be more than glad to assist.

    Please do understand the materials written here are not legal advice and does not create any form of attorney client relationship.

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  • I asked my daughter(unlicensed),to drive me to pick up my meds.Coming back,we hit a car which ran a stop sign.Do we have a case?

    Dec.24,2011,in Kingwood,Texas,I asked my daughter(unlicensed) to drive me to get my meds,due to an illness.On our return,a red truck(F150)driven by a 17yr old w female passenger,ran a stop sign.There was no way of avoiding hitting the passenger si...

    Shahed’s Answer

    First and most important, I suggest you and your daughter continue seeking the necessary medical attention.
    Take pictures of all your bruises if any.
    Try to obtain a copy of the Police report.
    Look for a personal injury attorney in the area that you live in. (Most attorneys have free consultation and they will be glad to assist you and provide you with your options.)
    I suggest limiting your conversations with both insurance companies until you have consulted with an attorney.

    It is important that you follow up with the case immediately, when everyone's memory (Witnesses) are fresh.

    As far as answering your questions regarding liability:
    If you were involved in an accident with another party at fault, they will most likely be held liable for their negligence. That means they will have to pay for your Property Damage, Rental Vehicle, Medical Bills, Lost wages and any other damages caused by them.

    Your own insurance company, if you ever decide to make a claim against them, may deny some of your coverage, as your daughter was not licensed to drive. However, that depends on the policy (Your policy is the contract between you and your own insurance company), that you signed with them.

    As far as her driving without a license the answer to that question depends on if the officer has issued a citation to her at the scene of the accident and many other factors which again an attorney could assist you with that.

    Having a claim against the manufacturer or the dealer for the airbags not deploying properly:
    It is really expensive to pursue such cases and it depends on factors including but not limited to the vehicle model, recall status, the accident and so on. Therefore, there has to be a significant amount of injuries to be able to compensate you properly for your damages.

    Again, to not limit your options as far as getting properly compensated for your injuries I suggest contacting an attorney in your area.

    We are a law firm in Texas and would be glad to help you in any way that we can.

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  • If a piece of plastic extrudes from your body after a major surgery, is this a lawsuit even if no other injury occurs?

    After having major surgery 2010, a piece of 1" plastic was pulled out of my vaginal. It is not known at this time where it came from. I am to undergo diagnostic laproscopy soon by one of the docs that did the original surgery. The other urology do...

    Shahed’s Answer

    I agree with Mr. Oakley, the cost pursuing a Medical Malpractice claim is really high. Therefore, the damages have to be extremely high to cover the cost, the attorney fees and compensate you for your pain and suffering. I suggest you gather all your documents: medical records, if you consult with other doctors keep track of all their bills, if any corrections need to be made or further treatments are needed keep track of them as well. Keep track of the lost time at work. Gather all your damages and try to negotiate a settlement with them. Instead of calling them, I would try to do everything in writing. Also, I would start searching for attorneys who might be interested in the case.

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  • How long do you have to file a claim against someone in Texas if it involves an accident on private property?

    Supposedly an intoxicated individual was run over by a trailer while attempting to walk to the person's vehicle to fight someone. He had been aggressive and talking crap to the person all day and tried to fight him. He was extremely intoxicated an...

    Shahed’s Answer

    2 years from when the time that the injury occurred. There seems to be a lot of unknown factors with your case. I would consult with an attorney privately before pursuing any legal actions.

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  • How do i collect PIP?

    I was in an accident and have all ready to this point accumulated 33,000 in bills. I was a passenger in the vehicle and the driver is 100% at fault.

    Shahed’s Answer

    As Mr. Lenahan indicated you are better off if you hire an attorney.

    PIP coverage is regulated in the Texas Insurance Code, Sections 1952.151 thru 1952.161.

    When you are collecting PIP and there are other parties involved, you may not receive full compensation as insurance companies will try to reduce the PIP amount from the final Settlement.

    PIP benefits are payable without regard to the fault of a person seeking coverage. PIP is payable without regards to whether or not there is other insurance to cover the loss. In other words, it allows you for a "double recovery".

    PIP Coverage includes:
    Medical Expenses — These may include medical and surgical treatment; dental and optometric treatment; ambulance and nursing services; necessary medications, medical supplies, and prosthetic devices.
    Lost Wages — If you or your passengers are unable to work due to accident-related injuries, PIP helps you recover your lost wages.
    Substitute Services — Should you or your regular passengers need help performing household or other tasks due to accident-related injuries, PIP also helps pay for such substitute services.

    You can find the above information on our Blog:

    Again as you can see there are a lot of factors that could go unnoticed in a simple PIP claim. Therefore, I highly recommend that you consult privately with an attorney and explore all your options before making any claims.

    If you have any questions our contact information is below.

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    Good Luck :)

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