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Mark Louis Scroggins

Mark Scroggins’s reviews

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  • Mark Scroggins - Smart/Strong/Aggressive

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    I am very happy that I hired Mark to represent me in my divorce. He thought of things that other attorneys did not. Mr. Scroggins communicates well and has even helped me keep myself together. Everyone in his office is very nice. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a family attorney.

    Hired attorney
  • Never Felt Better

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jesse

    Sometimes legal proceedings can cause anxiety for those of us not used to these kinds of thing. There are times when we may have preconceived notions of how things should be (lawyer shows and well meaning friends whispering in our ears). When these anxieties crept in because of the aforementioned reasons Mark was quick to "talk me off of the ledge". His air of confidence concerning his expertise enabled me to take a breath and go about my daily routine with a sense of assurance. In the end everything went exactly as he said it would. Even the opposing party agreed with Mark's solution! Hopefully I will not need his services again, but if I do I will not hesitate to call.

  • taking care of business: divorce w/child involved

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    A very stressful situation for more reasons than I care to divulge was made much simpler by a knowledgeable and efficient law firm. I was given all the tools necessary from the start and all the info was top notch and accurate.
    Mark never failed to return a call or reply to any email in an extremely timely manner. His knowledge of family law seems to require no thought, but rather naturally flows from obvious experience. Even with some not so ordinary circumstances Mark knew exactly how to proceed and did a fantastic job with my case.
    I'm impressed with Mark and the entire staff. His paralegals we very knowledgeable, and extremely efficient.
    I would highly recommend Mr Scroggins and the entire firm to anyone needing efficient, knowledgeable legal service.

    Mark Louis Scroggins’s response: “Thanks, Joe. It was a pleasure working with you. Divorces are difficult by nature, but the emotional trauma can be minimized when you have a good idea of what will happen throughout the process. From our first meeting, I make a point of preparing my clients for likely outcomes based on strategic decisions that will be made throughout the process.”
  • Worst experience ever

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Unrealistic expectations??? All I wanted was not to be ripped-off by you or my ex. 16K later, you failed me in both regards! Thanks for letting her get the property worth $50k more because you were too lazy to proof read (appriasial - Steve Nicols) the final document her attorney wrote! See you in court....:)
    Excellent results??? Lets see, I pay $250/mo, school supplies/uniforms, 1/2 activities, and $20/wk babysitting???? EXCELLENT! NOT!!

    First, my intentions are to have a fair and equitable divorce and nothing more.

    Second, his representation lacked appropriate counsel, both in an advisory and strategic role, in my divorce case and in the mediation process.

    Third, I repeatedly informed him of my desire not to mediate the divorce but he advised early on that we should go to mediation. The opposing attorney also wanted to avoid the cost of mediation as well.

    Fourth, his representation was non-responsive in many instances and hid not timely provided key documents, such as temporary orders coming from petitioner’s attorney as well as their inventory until three business days prior to the mediation date. Additionally, he repeatedly asked for my inventory when I had already sent in one month prior. He did not give my case the appropriate attention and work yet continued to bill against my retainer.

    Fifth, he was unresponsive to my emails, phone calls and rescheduled meetings. I see this as a gross lack of representation. He finally scheduled a meeting three days prior to mediation to prepare yet there was no framework or strategy performed so that we would not have to spend 11 hours in mediation.

    Sixth, during mediation he was not assertive in my position in the following:
    --The dispute against faith-based private school and resulting addition of $250 per month on top of child support. During our meeting at his office three days prior to mediation, he indicated I should not have to bear private school expense, especially being a faith outside of my beliefs.
    --The dispute against floating/modified schedule. I had to delineate and argue the logic repeatedly yet in front of the mediator, he had contributed little to the argument.

    I certainly should have left his offices and fired him as counsel on the Wednesday prior to mediation when he and his office staff showed unprofessionalism in their demeanor and lack of commitment to my case.

    I made a gross judgment in maintaining any confidence in his representation. I will be filling a complaint with the state bar of texas.

    Mark Louis Scroggins’s response: “I am sorry that you were disappointed with the outcome. However, as I told you from our initial meeting, your expectations were unrealistic and would have to be tempered. Unfortunately, despite the excellent result, you wanted what the law could not supply.”
  • Straightforward, honest and efficient

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    If there's any chance your divorce could become contentious, you need strong, experienced counsel. In retaining Mark Scroggins, I had all that and more. He was direct, honest, strategic, always prepared, responsive and ever adaptive to whatever came our way during my divorce. He was always upfront with me and able to articulate the options and possible outcomes so I could make the best possible choices. As great a job as he did litigating my case and helping both me and my daughter, the thing I most valued was his candid, straightforward approach when giving me advice, something you absolutely need during an emotional time. His strong, steady way was a great source of confidence and support throughout the matter. When all was said and done, he helped me achieve the objectives I laid out to him at the beginning of our relationship.

    Mark Louis Scroggins’s response: “Thanks for the kind review. Child custody matters are always difficult, especially when they are contentious. I always make a point of shooting straight with my clients so they know both the good and the bad going into a situation. That way, sound decision on how to proceed can be made and positive outcomes can be achieved.”
  • A strong ally, dependable and reliable...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christy

    I retained Mark Scroggins to handle what could have been a very difficult and contentious divorce involving custody of minor children. As it turns out, it wasn't, and I believe this is a direct credit to the way Mark managed the situation. He was extremely professional, but aggressive and intuitive when dealing with opposing counsel. His years of experience and his knowledge of the law and court system were invaluable. Mark was very accessible, but did not schedule unnecessary meetings or phone calls. He was timely throughout the process, and very thorough. He does what he says he will do. I found Mark to be a strong ally, dependable and reliable at all times. His staff is also remarkable. While I know he handles many cases at any given time, I always felt as though mine was the most important one he was working on.

    Mark Louis Scroggins’s response: “Thanks, Christy. It was a pleasure working with you.”