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Robert B. Abtahi

Robert Abtahi’s Legal Guides

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  • Texas DWI: ALR Hearing FAQ

    What is an ALR Hearing?Many Texas drivers who are arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) do not realize that a DWI arrest creates two separate cases, one civil and one criminal. Specifically, a DWI arrest results in both a criminal charge, and usually initiates a civil proc...

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  • Texas Professional Licensing Boards Frequently Asked Questions

    I have been contacted by my licensing board or agency regarding allegations of misconduct. Do I need a Lawyer? You are not required to obtain a lawyer but it is a prudent idea to retain one. Once you have secured the services of a legal representative the board or agency is prohi...

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  • Texas Dental Practice: Buying a Practice

    Q: I have completed some practices sales in my day, and the broker provided me a standard form contract. Why do I need a dental transition attorney to help me with my transaction? Although dentists and brokers are intelligent and well trained in their fields, they do not have the...

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  • Texas Dental Practice: Records Keeping

    DENTAL PRACTICE-RECORDS 1.How long must a dental record be maintained on a patient? SBDE Rule 108.8 states that a dentist must maintain records on a patient for at least 5 years from the last date that the dentist saw the patient. However, a dentist may determine that it is neces...

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  • Texas Dental Practice: Standard of Care

    DENTAL PRACTICE-STANDARD OF CARE 1.Do I need to take a patients blood pressure or pulse measurement every time the patient has an appointment at my dental office? SBDE Rule 108.7(2)(B) states that the initial limited physical examination should include, but shall not necessarily ...

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  • Texas Dental Practice Business Laws

    DENTAL PRACTICE-BUSINESS 1. What laws govern the practice of dentistry in the state of Texas? The primary sources of law governing the practice of dentistry in Texas are the Dental Practice Act (DPA) and the Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Dental Examiners (SBDE). The...

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  • Entity Selection For Small Businesses

    C Corporation vs S Corporation C Corporation Business Indicators * The business wants to use a different fiscal year different than the calendar year this can delay recognition of income, and eliminate additional costs for short-lived corporations The business will will show ...

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