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David M. Pyke

About David Pyke

About me

I have successfully tried fifty or more cases to verdict before juries and judges.   I don't need to prove my skills by making a dispute where resolution is possible because I'm fully aware that a protractred trial is rarely in the client's best interests.  My goal is achieve the best result for the client, whether that means trial or resolution.  In probate matters, the issue is always how to get the needed result for the least cost.  To give clients ease of mind, I use flat-fee arrangements in all routine matters.  In contested matters, I carefully work with clients to understand their goals, their budget, and pursue the strategy that gives that result.  Many "probate" lawyers know the rules, but don't know how to win cases before a jury.  If there is any chance that your case will be contested, I urge you to find a lawyer, like me, who is ready to win your case in court but willing to consider out-of-court settlement when appropriate.

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