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Michelle May O'Neil

Michelle O'Neil’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Keep Your Marriage Together -- Tips from a Divorce Attorney

    Make time to connect lovingly with your spouse every day A couple can significantly improve their chances of marital success by devoting as little as 15 minutes a day exclusively to each other. For i

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  • How to Make It Through the Holidays After Divorce

    Ensure The Children's Schedule Is Specific. Confirm the children’s schedule with your ex as far in advance as you can. If you don’t already have a specific schedule set out, then negotiate those day

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  • How To Find A Good Lawyer When You Need One

    Determine the type of lawyer you need. In most states, a licensed attorney may practice in any field of law, but most concentrate on very specific areas. Most states also have a process of specializa

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  • How to Divide Marital Property in a Dallas, Texas Divorce

    Identify the property The first step in dividing the marital estate in a divorce is to identify all of the property that either spouse owns, without regard to when or how the property was acquired. C

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