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  • Things You May Hear Your Spouse Say During a Divorce

    Some of the remarks you may hear from your spouse while your divorce case is pending that are intended to create anxiety and are without any bases in truth are as follows:* "I am going to drag this case out forever. By the time you get your share of the property, you'll be too ol...

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  • Mediation in Simple Terms

    Family law mediation is widely used by family law attorneys and judges in Texas as a cost-effective way to resolve family law matters. Typically, at the mediation session, the mediator generally gives an opening introduction of the mediator's expertise, how the process works, wha...

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  • The Stages of a Texas Divorce

    5 Stages to a Texas Family Law Case Stage 1 Filing the Petition Option to file simple, non-threatening petition. Option to request temporary orders hearing to decide immediate issues for children, financial support, and payment of bills. Stage 2 Temporary Orders Hearing Esta...

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  • Dividing Property in a Texas Divorce

    How Does A Court Divide Property? In a Texas divorce, the judge is to enter a just and right division of the parties' property. There is no set formula or calculation for this. Property is classified in two basic groups: separate property and community property. The court cannot ...

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  • Answers to Common Questions in a Texas Family Law

    The Marriage Relationship 1. What is a Common Law or Informal Marriage? A man and a woman may enter into an informal marriage if 1) they agree to be married, 2) live in Texas as husband and wife, and 3) represent to others in Texas that they are married. There is no minimum time ...

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  • Dividing Debts in a Texas Divorce

    Debts are often a big issue, and problem, in a divorce. All else being equal, a judge will usually divide debts incurred during a marriage 50/50.There is a common misconception that there are "community debts" or "community liabilities." The general rule in Texas is that liabilit...

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  • Calculating Child Support

    Determine How Much Money They Make on Average Each Month The Texas Family Code guidelines are used when the parent paying child support makes up to $7,500.00 per month, after taxes are withheld, whic

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