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James E. Girards

About James Girards

About me

Welcome to my AVVO page.  I hope this page is informative to you and you will feel free to contact me if you have a potential case that you would like to discuss with me. 

As a student, I pursued an interest in the sciences, particularly biology.  During those years, I developed a particular interest in anatomy and physiology, due in large part to a fantastic teacher I had at Baylor, F. Ray Wilson.  I worked for a few years in a local hospital and learned a lot about how a hospital functions and the problems inherent in the way for-profit medicine is practiced.  It was also during these years that I suffered a severe spinal cord injury in an auto accident and spent months in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.  I know first hand how a severe injury can affect the patient and his family - especially an injury to the central nervous system.  Ultimately, I decided to pursue a career in law and found quickly that I could put both my knowledge and experience to work helping those who have been severely injured by the wrongful actions of another.  And, especially those who are suffering from a severe spinal cord injury or a severe brain injury.  I am pleased that we have helped many over the years who have suffered these types of injuries and have made a meaningful difference in their lives.  I am equally pleased that we have also been able to force positive changes in the manufacturing, transportation, or hospital industries that caused those injuries.  If you would like to visit about such a case, please feel free to call.

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