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James Brian Thomas

James Thomas’s Legal Guides

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  • Trust Administration in Texas: Challenges and Practices

    Trusts are used in Texas estates with increasing regularity. The Trust may be used in place of, or in concert with, a Will in order to carry out the intentions and objectives of the person making it. Whatever the use, the Trustee often faces a minefield of legal duties and obligations.

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  • I'm an executor. How do I probate a will?

    This guide is intended to provide some basic considerations that every person nominated to serve as an executor should be aware of.

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  • Quick Tips for a Texas Will Contest: How a Client can Help Their Case

    Separate Emotional and Legal Success Very few Will contests result in complete emotional and legal success for any client. Even when a client prevails on their legal claims, the road to obtain that

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  • 5 Tips to Consider When Preparing Your Will in Texas

    Know Who You Trust Any well-drafted Texas Will contains your nomination of at least one Independent Executor. This person will file your Will for admission to probate, receive the appointment by the

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