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Ugalahi Ugy Offoboche

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  • Unparalleled

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Southern Home Solutions, LLC

    Ugy has been our attorney for a battle we're having with a lawsuit involving real property in Texas. Although the lawsuit involves real property, our suit contains areas of consumer law, contract law, business and trade practices, fair debt and collections practices, and other areas of law. Ugy has exceeded all expectations and is by far the BEST attorney we've ever encountered. She is extremely knowledgeable in multiple areas of law, and is straight forward with facts. She won't sugar coat the potential outcomes and will always give you the best legal advice for your situation. At the same time, she doesn't back down from the battle, she is proactive and not reactive. Extremely organized, and always recites facts of your case with ease. Many attorneys we have dealt with do not have the tenacity and firm resolve she possesses. She works very hard to ensure you receive fair and equitable justice. She is very respectful and empathetic to what you are going through, and does not use a cookie cutter system... Her research and practice is based case by case, unlike many of the other attorneys in similar areas of law, and her methods of resolution are unique to your situation. We cannot speak highly enough of the level of professionalism, attention to the most smallest of details, and the extremely extensive knowledge she possesses. If you need an attorney who will make you feel like you're the only case in her office, give the attention you need to emotionally survive the course of litigation, someone who is utterly fair and just, an attorney who is going to be proactive in your case and fight for you as if she were fighting for herself, her family or her business then we highly recommend Ugy at Ugalahi U.A.C Offoboche lawfirm in Dallas, TX. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! Call her today, you won't find a better attorney!!!!

    Hired attorney
  • Cheryle J. Crockett, Dunnigan, CA Civil Law

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Cheryle

    Our Attorney, Ugalahi Offoboche , is representing the Slade family in litigation with an Oil & Gas Producing Company in Panola County, TX. Although our case is before the court of justice in Panola County, TX, we have confidence the case will be resolved in a timely manner. I would have never known about this civil suit regarding the Slade family if the book I wrote, "My Slade Phenomenon," had not been in publication. It has give Attorney Ugalahi Offoboche, along with her expertise, the insight of the family history associated in this case.
    The U. A. C. Offoboche Law Firm, in corresponding with our family members, has been very informative for us to go forward in our rights as heirs in this ligation.
    Thank you for being here for us.


    Hired attorney
  • "Mold" Case vs Workers Compensation (Dallas ISD)

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Charlotte

    Not certain where to start since my case is very unusual and many attorneys I either spoke to or visited never thought I had a chance of winning...they ALL denied me assistance!! I have to agree with them ONLY if I had hired them to represent me. But God blessed me to meet "Ugy" in March 2013 and she was the ONLY one who believed she could win... and we did!!! It is important to note that when Ugy was hired to represent me, I had recently lost my first hearing and I was devastated. She literally resurrected my case because we immediately had to fight the Appeal Panel (who voted against me)...our argument was that we never received transcript of the hearing (which we were entitled to having) so we could properly address our concerns thus delaying us meeting our scheduled deadline.
    After being sick for several months, I was diagnosed in October 2011 with a chronic lung disease (Hypersensitive Pneumonitis) which I developed from exposure of "mold" in my office. I was employed with Dallas ISD and my office sustained severe flooding continuously over 4 years that was documented and assessed but never addressed. There was actual mold coming out of the walls and on the base of the floor. I had to undergo open lung biopsy and experience severe breathing problem, chronic cough, fatigue, congestion, and chest pain where I could no longer work and had to be placed on disability with a loss of approx. 67% of my salary.
    Ugy was determined and committed to winning my case and never made me think otherwise. She always made me feel that I was valued not just as a client but as a person who had been wronged and she wanted to "right my wrong". I love how detailed she is and leaves no stone unturned...She thinks outside the box anticipated their next move, and always preparing in advance. I would often be concerned about her lack of rest because she gets consumed with servicing her clients and neglect herself. I truly believe that she has a "true spiritual calling" as an attorney and God has given her a legal platform for her ministry and mission to serve.
    No other attorney could have won my case for I am totally convinced of this...It is ironic and surprising that we were unable to research and find another "mold" case on record. Ugy discovered that in 1989, courts started denying mold cases to be heard because they felt they could not be proven. Even before 1989, no "molds" cases could be found which I am sure for various reasons...I am the first "mold" case you will find on record....history making!! Even the Attorney General Office got involved in my case to fight against me with Dallas ISD....I still wonder... WHY? They had no involvement with my case. Even this did not intimidate Ugy...she fought even harder!!! So many tricks and manipulations were played throughout my case but Ugy defeated them all!!!
    It has truly been a journey with both my legal case and health wise but I am a winner through it all! My health has greatly improved after years of suffering, and my legal matter has come to a close. I am so grateful for God is truly good and in my heart I know that Ugy has been my God send!!
    I highly recommend anyone and everyone to consider her as your legal council if you ever need one. I have already recommended three other clients, and they all praise her!

    Hired attorney
  • Reliable, Fast, Friendly Lawyer!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Ugy was amazing. She handled my problem very quick & every update she gave me, she was so friendly & polite & made me feel confident that this mistake would put day be put behind me. She was absolutely right & I am so lucky that I got a chance to work with her. Thank you Ugy!!