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Robert L. Greening

Robert Greening’s Answers

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  • How do I find a personal injury attorney that will FIGHT a big corp?

    In a nutshell: my handicap mother was in handicap room at an upscale hotel. Shower had built in bench. Collapsed with my mother on it resulting in a trip to the ER via 911 and weeks of pain due to soft tissue injuries following the accident. Manag...

    Robert’s Answer

    You should contact a personal injury attorney experienced in premises liability claims.

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  • How should I handle the situation that occur with me falling down in walmart?

    Me and my family were planning a camping trip and we were expected to leave right after last minute items. There was a skateboard underneath a shelf. I didn't notice it was there til it was to late. I backed up to it and instead of landing on my s...

    Robert’s Answer

    In my experience in prosecuting claims against Walmart they generally have video of everything that happens at a store. You should attempt to secure that video. It is best to consult with a lawyer experienced in these types of claims to help you.

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  • A spark ignited during oral surgery and caught the plastic tubes supplying oxygen to my nose on fire. Dr proceeded wo calling ER

    8 days in ICU. now reconstructive rhinoplasty surgery is needed to repair and open up breathing airways in nostrils.

    Robert’s Answer

    This is probably considered a healthcare liability claim under Chapter 74 of the Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code. You should consult a lawyer experienced in this area of the law for advice and additional information.

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