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Chad M. Ruback

Chad Ruback’s Answers

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  • Court of Appeals vs Supreme Court.

    I want to make an appeal but still confused if I need to take action with the supreme court of the state or the court of appeals. Also, how can I know that I can prevail?

    Chad’s Answer

    Generally, appeals must first be made to the intermediate court (called the court of appeals in the federal system and in most states) before being taken to the high court (called the supreme court in the federal system and in most states). As for determining your chances of prevailing, that would require a review of your entire case file and of the applicable law.

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  • Filing motions

    My fiance wants to file amotion with the courts.Where do you get the forms for that?

    Chad’s Answer

    The Dallas County Law Library is on the second floor of the George Allen Courthouse in downtown Dallas. The librarians there are extremely helpful in assisting people with locating forms. Another good Dallas-area law library is at SMU Law School. Some popular forms forms can be found in "The Texas Litigation Guide" by Professor Dorsaneo and "Texas Civil Forms" by Judge O'Connor. Please keep in mind that, while forms may be useful in some situations, many court filings must be custom-drafted based on the specific situation in your case. If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, you might consider contacting Legal Aid of Northwest Texas (which has an office downtown Dallas) or the SMU Law School Civil Clinic (where law students working under the supervision of law professors provide legal representation).

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