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Jimmy Frank Chester

Jimmy Chester’s Legal Guides

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  • Software Protection Strategies: Alternatives to Patents

    Patent protection for software is expensive, difficult, and subject to significant limitations. As such, savvy software owners look to other IP legal protections for their assets. This article discu

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  • How to Complete a Customs Entry Form to Import Goods from Abroad

    Classify your Goods The Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) contains thousands of different possible classifications of every known commodity. Theoretically, only one HTSUS class

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  • How to Form an LLC in Texas

    Complete and file the Certificate of Formation A Certificate of Formation (the "Certificate") acts like a "birth certificate" for a company in many ways. The Texas Secretary of State (TXSOS) provide

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  • Compliance with the Foreign-Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA)

    Who is covered by FCPA? There are two elements of the FCPA: the anti-bribery element, and the accounting requirements. All US companies, their employees and agents (including independent sales reps)

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  • How to Stop Infringing (Counterfeit) Products from Being Imported into the US

    Register Your IP with the US The first step would be to register your copyright, trademark, or trade dress with the USPTO. Although not absolutely required to enlist the assistance of CBP, it does m

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  • How to Register a Trademark with the USPTO

    Perform a TM Search While technically not part of the application process, a trademark search will help you identify potential roadblocks for your application. Many attorneys and consultants provide

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