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Holly Schymik’s Legal Guides

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  • What Are the Grounds for Divorce under Texas Law and What Does Insupportability Mean?

    Most divorces in Texas are granted on the no-fault grounds of "insupportability," which is the legal way of saying the parties are incompatible.

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  • The Major Differences Between Traditional LItigation vs. Collaborative Law

    The following chart compares the major differences between traditional litigation and collaborative law. Traditional Litigation 1. Role of the Attorneys. Warrior/ Gladiator. The attorneys goal is to fight their clients battle, to get them the biggest piece of the pie, the rig...

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  • What Is Collaborative Law

    Definition of Collaborative Law: Collaborative law is defined by the Texas Family Code as follows: Collaborative law is a procedure in which the parties and their counsel agree in writing to use their best efforts and make a good faith attempt to resolve their dissolution of m...

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  • Grounds For Divorce Under Texas Law

    Most divorces in Texas are granted on the no-fault grounds of insupportability. The Texas Family Code provides that a court may grant a divorce without regard to fault if the marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities that destroys the legit...

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