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Chad Austin West

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  • Criminal lawyer, I want to know if It's legal for my employer to give out my personal information to a customer

    I'm a dancer in Texas (contractor ) I had an issue with a customer not wanting to pay because he didn't get what he wanted. I had him pay in advanced but at the end he wanted his money bck and told the manager that I didn't dance for him the manag...

    Chad’s Answer

    This is more of a civl issue that a criminal issue. Nothing in criminal law will prevent the manager from disclosing your true identity. However, you should take a look at the employment agreement that you signed with the bar-club. There may be a provision in the agreement that prevents the manager from disclosing personal information about you. In any event, the customer has little or no cause of action against you, so I seriously doubt you will ever hear from him again.

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