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Macy Michelle Jaggers

Macy Jaggers’s Legal Guides

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  • Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney

    Being arrested is stressful enough. After that, choosing the right lawyer can seem overwhelming. Here are a few basics steps to finding an attorney that you are comfortable with and confident in.

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  • Options for Clearing a Criminal Record

    Having a criminal record causes problems as you try to get jobs, get into schools, or even find an apartment. There are ways to get cases either removed from your record completely or at least sealed from public view. Which option is available to you depends on how your case was disposed of.

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  • Just Say "No" to the Breath Test in a DWI or DUI

    People often ask me why everyone says "never take a breath test if you're arrested for a DWI or DUI." The officer will make you think things will be worse for you if you refuse the test, but what they are telling you is not entirely true.

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