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Christopher Jay Harding

Christopher Harding’s Legal Guides

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  • Contract Provisions in an Agreed Decree - Now Enforceable

    When I started practicing law, the first posts I wrote were on what provisions in a decree were enforceable by a court v. contractual in nature, and how each could be addressed if a party failed to abide by the terms. Now the Legislature has made it easy. The property division, ...

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  • Texas Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)

    Texas is very different than most other states when it comes to awarding continuing support payments from one spouse to the other. While you hear of spouses being paid large sums for months or years after the divorce on the east or west coast, those stories never come from Texas....

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  • Annulments in Texas

    I've had a couple of people request annulments... Texas is very strict on when an annulment can take place and the requirements typically hit on the fact one of the persons of the marriage could not give consent due to incapacity or incomplete knowledge of the situation. Once tha...

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  • To Hire a Divorce Attorney or Not - THAT is the question! (TEXAS)

    Many married couples decide to divorce. Once that decision is made, each must decide if they wish to be represented. Representation means lawyers and lawyers mean money. That money normally will come out of the money of the marriage. A couple of things to consider: How much money...

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  • What Documents to Provide Your Divorce Attorney (Texas)

    Real Property Deeds, mortgage information, documents showing improvements (like a pool) and where the funds came from. If you have a basis for value, even something like the Appraisal District's val

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