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John M. Gioffredi

John Gioffredi’s Legal Guides

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  • How Should a Person Act if Stopped by the Police?

    How to Pull Over The first step is to pull over as soon as practical. To put the officer at ease, you should use your turn signal, and move over to the right hand shoulder as soon as possible, and s

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  • What are "Miranda" Rights and When do They Matter?

    Your Miranda Rights Rarely Apply! In most cases, absolutely NOTHING happens if you are arrested and not read your Miranda rights. Probably 80% of all people are not read the Miranda rights before or

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  • How to Hire a DUI / DWI Lawyer

    DO YOUR HOMEWORK A drunk driving charge is a serious matter. Don't hire the first lawyer that you talk to. Interview at least three lawyers before making a hiring decision, and prepare to see as ma

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  • Speedy Trial Rights

    State Laws Some states have laws which require cases to be taken to trial or dismissed within a given time period. Texas had such a law, but it was ruled unconstitutional in 1987 in Meshell v. State

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  • Police Searches of Motor Vehicles

    When may police legally search your vehicle? The police may only search your vehicle under certain limited circumstances. The most important of these are 1) search after arresting the driver, 2) Sea

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