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Husein Ali Abdelhadi

Husein Abdelhadi’s reviews

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  • When I thought I didnt have Hope.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gloria

    I have alot of faith in this Immigration lawyer and his associates. My son married an American Citizen in good faith. She told him she was pregnant so he did the right thing. He married her. After the baby was born it was clear it was not his. The baby was from a black man, my son is Mexican. All the features of a black man's baby. He forgave her because he loved her and tried to work things out. She got pregnant a second time and he believed it was his. She went to the Immigration Interview and the officer asked her if the baby she was carrying was my son's and she said yes. When the baby was born my son was in a detention center and she named the baby another name other than my son's last name. Well he got deported, because they believed that the marriage was not in good faith. Abdelhdi and Associates stepped in and filed a 360 for cruel and abusive treatment of a spouse mentally. They won the case and my son is on his way back. This lawyer will also tell you if you have a good chance of winning and if you dont , he wont take your money. He just wont take the case knowing you wont win. I have recommended friends and strangers to him and have all been very satisfied with his services and have come back to Thank me for recommending him to them.

    Hired attorney
  • Unresponsive, uprofessional, unorganzed

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    #1 I signed a retainer contract for an immigration matter that indicated a retainer fee was $1,000 but he told me verbally that I owed $1500. I had my own attorney catch this. I wonder how many other unsuspecting immigrants/families missed this by not reading the contract?

    #2 I was called by the attorney approximately a few DAYS before some missing paperwork was due to the state causing me to leave work and run around frantically to get it together. Then, after I get it, he calls me to say that he never read the immigration paperwork thoroughly and realized that my W2 was enough.

    #3 Crickets! I stopped hearing from the firm for a long time despite the agreement stating that I would be kept informed throughout the process. I called-I have documented call logs proving this-numerous times leaving unreturned messages. To make matters worse, his sister and colleague, would answer the phone and talk to me with complete disdain. She was extremely rude and combative and acted annoyed that I was calling for an update.

    It wasn't until months later that I heard from the attorney. Why? Because I stopped payment on my credit card transaction for the retainer fee since I couldn't get a hold of my own attorney. Interesting that it took that to get a reply. He didn't apologize or even want an explanation. In fact, he threatened to sue me.

    I would definitely not recommend this attorney. It should never been difficult getting in touch with your lawyer, and I have since found another well-respected attorney to handle all of my personal and business needs.

    Husein Ali Abdelhadi’s response: “The Law Offices of Abdelhadi & Associates, PC certainly empathize with any difficulties you may have experienced. However, this review, and a similar review posted on "Yelp" were both written anonymously. Prior to this review, Abdelhadi & Associates, PC has never had a negative review. We have no record of this incident and have no record of any person making any such claims with our firm. We can only assume it was posted in error or is a false review from a competitor.”
  • Good Lawyer who covers all basis

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Issam

    Mr. Abdelhadi is very knowledgeable attorney who try to cover all basis and prepare his client(s) very well for any possible outcome.
    Always answered our questions in a timely manner and explored all options.

  • Honest and Trustworthy Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Elizabeth

    Mr. Abdelhadi is an honest and trustworthy lawyer He is not the kind that just what you want to hear so that he can get you to hire him and get your money. He tells you the truth about your case and he sincerely cares about you. I went to several lawyers who told me they would do and could do, but he was the only one who told me the reality of the situation. I appreciated that and respected that. He worked hard on my case and in the end it wasn't easy, but we got everything we wanted, and at a very reasonable cost. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer they can trust.

  • Shirley - immigrant marriage gone bad

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shirley

    I was in a relationship with a U.S citizen which led to marriage. We where married for a few months and filed for my change of status. It was a process we did on our own without a lawyer, however 4 months into the marriage certain issues popped up within the marriage that caused us to divorce. I was left in a situation where by we had already filed for my change in status and where divorced before my status could be effective. I was in a situation that could have led to my deportation out of the country and at the time I did not think there was anything I could do to change that so in my mind I was preparing myself to go back to my country which I had not lived for 20yrs of my life.

    I was recommended Mr Husein by a friend who used him as their lawyer for a similar case. Without any options I contacted Mr Husein with a less then optimistic mind frame.

    My first meeting with Mr Husein put me at ease. Mr Husein gives a person a sense of security, he is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work and it shows but above all and what I most admire about him is his fight, he will fight for you, truly fight for you if he believes he can help. I left my first meeting with him with a sigh of relief and confidence that my case will be resolved and it was just as he promised. He was thorough through out my case, he explained every stage we would encounter and the expectations, and more assuring is he was not money hungery he and his team where very patient with my payment procedures and that made the process more tolerable.

    I recommended Mr. Husein to a friend of mine and he was given the same treatment and results. I highly recommend Mr Husein to anyone dealing with immigration issues not only in Dallas but anywhere. He is trust worthy, and genuinely wants to help in any way possible.

  • deportation Problem finally solved .

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Basil

    Mr Abdelhadi is one of the best attorneys in the country when it comes to immigration issues .
    I used 5 other attorneys in the last 20 years , and mr abdelahdi was the only one to figure out how to solve my deportation problem .
    he is a great attorney , don't waist your money on any attorney , make sure you do your homework before you pic out an attorney .
    Mr Abdelhadi is the best .....

  • excellent loyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Heidi El Ghondakly

    Mr, Hussein Abdel Hadi is my lawyer in USA
    He is an excellent in all his works so intelligent and know what he is doing
    He give for me and my family the E-Visa 2 without any problems
    He make every thing clear for me
    I want to give him an appreciate certificate if I can
    I will recommend him for any one want to invest in USA

    Heidi El Ghondakly

  • Gets Results and Very Reliable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Amjad

    I had a complex immigration case in which no other attorney was able to help. I was told that my case was impossible. However, Mr. Abdelhadi was able to show me step by step why the law afforded me the right to relief and how I could immigrate my family in no time. His explantions were very clear and logical, he referenced the laws that applied to my case and how it would help me. No other lawyer was able to help me except Mr. Abdelhadi. He has since then helped me with several complex business matters. He is about quality service and resullts.