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Jason Erik Mueller

Jason Mueller’s Answers

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  • I need to find out more about "bait and switch". Does a car dealership have to honor an advertised price on their website?

    They have a vehicle listed for $100.00 and obviously it in not $100.00, either it is a sales tactic or typo

    Jason’s Answer

    I imagine that this is a typo, and they would fix it once it is brought to their attention. In such case, it is likely that there would be no liability. However, it is likely a deceptive trade practice if they knowingly maintain the price, and use it as an opportunity to talk to people who are looking at buying a car online. Check out the FTC guidance on the link provided below, these guides address this situation and provide further guidance.

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  • In Iowa can an employer restrict what you can and can't say on social media sites?

    Recently my employer updated our employee hand book. In this update it states that "Sending or posting any company information, negative or other wise, by email, text, instant message, or posting on any website, blog, or social media site will be ...

    Jason’s Answer

    Yes, but subject to certain restrictions. Employers can monitor or completely block social media site usage on company equipment, and can prohibit employees from making statements that would be harmful to the company, even on your own equipment. However, there are restrictions. For example, an employer cannot prohibit you complaining about poor working conditions or a hostile work environment.

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