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James Michael Price II

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  • Everything a defense attorney should be

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Adam

    About a year and a half ago, I was arrested and charged with a DWI misdemeanor. It happened in Denton county; I was out with friends celebrating a promotion at work and just had too many drinks that evening. Feeling alright to drive, I left that evening from Dallas to go home. On the way home, I was speeding and was pulled over. While drinking and driving is a terrible mistake, I felt that the officer did not treat me fairly, and I certainly didn't want to be branded a criminal for the rest of my life especially since this was my first and only offense other than some speeding tickets. A colleague at work referred me to Mr. Price not long after his own trial in which he was acquitted. He did warn me that he is an expensive attorney, and that he may not have hired him had his family not helped him out with the cost. Despite the price, my wife and I agreed that we wanted to keep my clean slate intact no matter the costs.

    The first thing that Mr. Price did for me was take the time to meet with me personally prior to me hiring him which is something that many attorneys of his stature rarely do. He fought to get my license reinstated. Although, he was unsuccessful, he was able to convince the court to give me a more than generous occupational drivers license that allowed me to drive anywhere in the DFW area (so long as its documented). He was also able to convince the court to significantly reduce the number of aa meetings that I was required to attend (only 6).

    Finally, a year and a half later, he represented me in trial. Unfortunately, we lost, but I feel glad knowing that I hired him, because I got the trial that I deserved. Mr. Price is smooth and cunning in the courtroom. He contuously kept the prosecution (who had two attorneys) in full panic mode from beginning to end. He also kept the judge on his toes as well referencing cases that supported our cause for throwing out the search warrant for my blood. The judge was in awe of his knowledge of the law and his performance in court. The prosecution won, but they had so much more help in their corner. The DA was even coaching them during breaks on how to overcome Mr. Price's convincing arguments for a verdict of not guilty.

    In conclusion, my colleague was right; Mr. Price is expensive, and there is always a chance that you may still lose as I did. However, like anything else, you usually get what you pay for. Mr. Price stunned me in many ways with how prepared and effective his arguments were for my innocence. For example, the prosecution, was reviewing with the jury the blood kit that was used to collect my blood. Like most prosecuting attorneys do, they went over every...single...possible detail regarding the collection except for the manual that it came with which they said that you simply throw away. Mr. Price took the time to look at the manual and found one instruction about refrigerating the blood after collection. During their line of questioning, the prosecution never reviewed that detail with the officer. This was a golden opportunity that Mr. Price took advantage of. At first, it was working like a charm for the jury, but the DA talked to his prosecutors and helped them overcome this point the next day we met for trial. Had the DA not been so involved, I believe that we would have easily won. I say this, because it took the jury about two hours to deliberate. During that time, they felt the need to watch the video of my arrest as they still had some apparent question marks in their mind. I relish knowing that I had a good fair trial and with an amazing attorney who fought to the end. If you feel that it's important that you not be labeled a criminal then I strongly encourage you to seek out Mr. Price, he's well worth the investment.

  • J. Michael Price II - Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lynne

    It waas my first time to have any contact with law enforcement -- I was petrified. Mr. Price took the time to explain the process and answer all my questions. Things went exactly as he said they would, and eventually I will be able to have all this removed from my record. I hope I never need a criminal attorney again, but I know who to call if I do.