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DWI- .17 Breath Test- Kaufman County

Case Conclusion Date: 12.03.2009

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: DWI dismissed

Description: Interesting case. My client was pulled over for following too closely. She went on to fail the field sobriety tests and give a .17 breath test. I filed a motion to suppress the breath test, and stop. The cop admitted to coercing my client into giving a breath test, and the evidence supporting the stop was weak. Before the judge could rule, the State offered to dismiss the DWI if we pled to obstruction of a highway. Overall, a great outcome on an interesting fact pattern. It goes to show that no matter how bad a DWI case might look, or how high a breath score is there are creative ways to attack the evidence if you are ready to go to trial.

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